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Racine Firefighters Missing or Missing an Opportunity?

Will Racine Fireman be missing from this years July 4th parade?  So far, it appears the answer will be yes.  As July 4th draws nearer we’ll see.  If they are no shows, I think they will be missing an opportunity to show Racine, the State of Wisconsin, and the rest of America that they are beyond […]

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Harvard Study – July 4th + Republicans = Patriotism

What we all knew,  has now been confirmed by Harvard University, America’s Fourth of July parades are really for the benefit of the Republican Party.  A recently released study from Harvard says that Fourth of July parades pump up Republicans, turn kids into Republicans and helps to turn out Republicans on election days! The survey […]

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Memorial Day – A Day of Remembering

As you enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday Weekend remember what it’s about.  Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was set aside as a day to remember those who gave their lives fighting for their country.  On Decoration Day, family and friends of the fallen would go to their graves and decorate them with flowers.  From […]

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