U S Debt, It’s The Spending Stupid

U S Debt has reached astronomical proportions and the spending continues without regard as to whether America can afford it.  The Weekly Standard posted an article today titled, The 7-Eleven Presidency.  It’s about spending and how it has rocketed above and beyond the Ionosphere.  Were you aware that for every dollar the government takes in, it spends seven?  Could you, as a person or family, afford that?  This is crazy.

You would think that every deptartment in government could absorb at least a 1% cut in growth for a year or two.  Part of the problem is “Base Line Budgeting.”  Base Line Budgeting really means No Department gets cut.  I know, sometimes they say they’re cut BUT that’s really a cut in Base Line Budgeting.  Every year, Every Dept. is projected to grow a certain percentage.  Let’s say 3%.  When politicians talk of cuts, they’re really speaking about cuts in the baseline.  When the 3% growth or raise in their budget is reduced to 1% or 2% they call it a “Cut.”  They talk as though their budget was reduced below what it actually was the previous year when in Reality it’s still a raise.  It was just a cut in their rate of Growth.  Seldom are government programs actually cut.  This ambiguous speech is meant to fool constituents.  It’s a huge part of our spending problem.

Remember when Vice-President Biden made the comment to a political rally that, “….they’ll put you back in chains.”  Many interpreted it as a reference to slavery.  I would just say that if the President and Vice-President were really concerned about being “in chains” or indentured servitude, they would get serious about America’s Budget Woes.  Our children and greadchildren will certainly become Slaves…to the Government.

Obama Care will surely contribute to the America’s debt problem.  Games were played with the budget to get Obama Care to come in below a trillion dollars.  Now the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, says it will cost in the neighborhood of $1.76 Trillion.  One would think that if you’re already in debt over your eyeballs, that you wouldn’t take on another government program that will send your debt soaring even higher.  Since when does commonsense apply in government?  And since government programs seldom if ever cost less than projected, you can expect the $1.76 trillion Obama Care price tag to further skyrocket.

I would strongly urge you, if you haven’t already, to read about baseline budgeting and a budget plan put forward by Rep. Connie Mack of Florida, it’s called The Mack Penny Plan.  Every Department in Government shares in the budget cuts.  It at least deserves some consideration.  Here’s another article about Mack Penny.

Can America afford to dilly dally around fiscally?

Just Asking.


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