Senator Durbin D-IL Speaks – Says Nothing….

Illinois Democrat Senator Dick, who can’t stand America’s troops, Durbin, added his two cents to Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican Convention.  Durbin says that Paul Ryan voted against Simpson Bowles and he should not be criticizing the President for not using even One suggestion from the committee.  You would think that the President, whether Paul Ryan voted for the Simpson Bowles Plan or not, might at least use one of their suggestions.  Democrats liked it.  Durbin voted for it. What does Durbin really think about the President not using at least parts of the plan?  Any thoughts?

Durbin also took Ryan to task for not telling us more about his plans.  That’s somewhat ironic when you consider that,  Senator Durbin, whose Democrat Party controlled Senate hasn’t submitted a budget in over “THREE” years.  Apparently he thinks that’s fine.  The Democrat Controlled Senate has also totally rejected at least TWO of Obama’s budgets!  In 2011 the senate rejected Obama’s budget 97-0 and in 2012 Obama’s budget was rejected 99-0.  In the meantime the U. S. economy continues to flail.

Question…When the Party of the President totally rejects two of his proposed budgets, is that like a Vote Of No Confidence?

Senator Durbin said that Paul Ryan’s plan would privatize Medicare by making it a voucher system.  The fact is that no one over 55 years of age would experience any changes and those under would be able to Choose the current plan or the voucher plan.  Remember Medicare is in trouble.  Something must be done.  Democrats have done nothing…except….cut Medicare by $716 Billion.  If you’re a young adult reading this, I’d be very concerned.  You’re going to be paying for this AND there are LESS of you to pay.  High unemployment also means you will pay more.  That’s another reason jobs is such a huge issue.  Private sector jobs that create capital.

By the way, while America’s economy is barely limping along and unemployment is over 8%, here is what Illinois Senator Dick Durbin wanted to spend his time doing:

From the Los Angeles Times…. Senator Durbin Says He’ll Hold Hearings On Sports Bounties.   Somewhat reminiscent of Nero Fiddling while Rome Burns.

You should know that about four months later Senator Durbin did cancel the hearings.  He said it was after meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that he was satisfied with how the NFL was handling the problem.  Was that the real reason or did he catch alot of Sh#@ for considering it in the first place?

It’s apparent that at least from time to time, Senator Durbin is a United States Senator in search of something meaningful to do.  I guess high unemployment and an economy teetering on a fiscal precipice, just isn’t worthy of consideration when something big like bounties in the NFL comes along.

Goodnight Dick.  What’s next on your fix it plate?

Just asking.

Here’s the AP Video Link with Senator Durbin’s interview.  It’s only about 1:34 long.


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