Obama Campaign At Gutter Level

After the Obama Campaign sanctioned the recent Harry Reid comments about Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney not filing taxes for 10 years I knew the Obama Campaign was about to hit the “Gutter” level.  I just didn’t think it would be quite so soon.  Today we became aware of a new ad attacking Mitt Romney.  The ad basically accuses Romney of causing the death of a woman stricken with cancer.  How could he do that?  Well, they lead us to believe that Romney closed the GST Steel Mill in Kansas City, Missouri causing the employees to lose their health insurance.  Treatment is expensive, so we’re left to believe that she maybe put off going to the doctor for cost/affordability reasons.  She then dies, all because Mitt Romney cruelly closed down the mill.

The problem with this, is that, Mitt Romney actually left Bain Capital (1999) two years before the mill closed (2001) and Mrs. Soptic died of cancer five years (2006) after the mill closing. That’s 7 years AMR….After Mitt Romney.

The ad doesn’t tell us how long Joe Soptic was without work.  It graphically tells us that he found work as a custodian.  I presume he then had insurance but again they fail to tell us.  When they leave out these sorts of things, I question why?  Mr. Soptic says he took her to the hospital for pneumonia but found out it was stage four cancer. It sounds as though she had lung cancer.  They don’t tell us if Mrs. Soptic was a smoker, this could have caused or made her problem worse.  If she was a smoker, doesn’t she bear some responsibility for her condition?

One of the questions arising from this sleazy ad of Obama’s is, does “… The One now oppose layoffs on principle, for fear that someone somewhere might be left without insurance? Does this mean O himself is on the hook until 2014 for any deaths that resulted from GM dealerships being closed in 2009?”

I was just thinking, did Obama and Eric Holder cause the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry?  They actually passed guns off to his killers!  That could make a great ad.  The One also thought the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in Illinois was a bad idea.  Apparently he can not only tolerate abortions but is also willing to allow babies who survived abortions to die.  A testament to The One’s True Character.

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Breitbart.Com….John Sexton

Minutes after posting this I found an Update from Allapundit at HotAir.Com……..It’s titled……CNN: Wife of steelworker in new Obama Super PAC ad still had job and health insurance after he lost his

Remember what I said above about questioning political ads when it seems they may not be telling you some things.  It’s especially important to question Obama ads now that his campaign has hit the Gutter. It’s apparent that The One is going to be slinging as much shit as possible to smear Romney.  It’s actually quite sad but that’s what you do when you have No Record To Run On.  I’m sure Obama’s daughters are proud of him.

Just Asking.


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