Obama Mathmatically Challenged

Release of the new jobs numbers today sent the Mainstream Media into Wet Dream mode.  Along with President Obama, these folks were out there touting the Good News…163,000 jobs were created last month.  Obama practically broke his arm patting himself on the back.  The Mainsteam Media was right behind him patting his backside with praise and atta boys.

Why doesn’t the media ask Obama why, even though there were 163,000 new jobs created, would the unemployment rate continue to rise.  It’s such a logical question considering they’re both part of the same mathmatical problem.  I was horrible in math.  Yes, I too am mathmatically challenged but even I can understand this.  The unemployment rate went up because there were 195,000 people who lost there jobs! Why not tell us that?  Simple.  They don’t want us thinking about the fact that there was actually a Net Loss of jobs….32,000 Fewer people employed!  And compounding the problem with these jobs numbers is the fact that according to Economists…..163,000 new jobs are not enough to keep up with the growth of the labor force.

Can someone explain to me how 32,000 fewer people employed is Good News?  I don’t get it.  Is this the kind of education that Obama received attending such prestigious schools as Harvard, Columbia and Occidental?  The President is obviously Mathmatically Challenged and I’d be willing to bet that he was equally as challenged with economics and his major area of study…Law.  Certainly, he must have failed Constitutional Law?  He disregards the Constitution at every opportunity.  Editor of Harvard Law Revue??  Please!

Even if I could afford it, I doubt I would send any children of mine to any of these schools.  They obviously failed Obama.  Do you think it’s possible these schools have an “ADNP” grade?  Advanced Did Not Pass.  Maybe Obama had a few ADNP’s.

Back to the numbers.  Unemployment has been over 8.0% for over 40 months.  Worse, the true unemployment numbers….the numbers that include those who quit looking for work because their unemployment insurance has run out, is slightly over 15%!  These folks are still unemployed and the majority would probably work if it were available.

Breaking the numbers down a bit……

Unemployment for blacks fell from 14.4 percent to 14.1 percent, while the rate for Latinos slid from 11 percent to 10.3 percent. The unemployment rate for teenagers edged higher to 23.8 percent.

Good News?

Just Asking.

CNBC….. Economy Creates 163,000 New Jobs but Rate Rises to 8.3%

HotAir.Com….. July jobs report: 163K jobs added, 8.3% jobless rate

Breitbart.Com….. The Number the Media is Ignoring: 200,000 Fewer People Employed in Household Survey


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