Alabama Shakes, Really Rising!

Alabama Shakes…Steve Johnson, Zac Cockrell, Brittany Howard and Heath Fogg

Every once in a while I’m introduced to a band that really strikes a chord with me.  Alabama Shakes is one of those bands.  I was recently told about this band while talking music with one of my Audiophile friends.  He said he couldn’t get their music out of his head.  So, later in the day at my computer I went to YouTube to see if I could find this group.  I did,  and now I have that same music in my head and fully understand what my friend was talking about.

Alabama Shakes is what you get when you mix some Blues, Soul and Rock.  The musicians in Alabama Shakes are young.  I’d say early to mid twenties and quite good.  Their lead singer, Brittany Howard, to say the least, is beyond exceptional.  She is awesome!  This young lady can belt out the Blues and Soul like you would not believe.  I read a comment on youtube from someone that said if Otis Redding and Janis Joplin would have had a baby, it would have been Brittany.

Brittany Howard is a natural born singer.  She sings effortlessly with feeling.  Not only is Brittany comfortable performing Alabama Shakes original material, she does an outstanding job with tunes from Led Zepplin as well.

Alabama Shakes’ beginning was when Brittany, a guitar player and singer, wanted someone to pick with.  She invited someone from school to come over to play music, talk and write.  That someone she said was their Bass Player Zac Cockrell.  They then invited Steve Johnson from the music store over.  Steve played drums.  The History continues here.

My purpose here is not to go over everything by and about Alabama Shakes but to share a little bit of my taste in music with you.  I bought their CD…..Boys & Girls.  I like everything on it.  What I have found however, is that I actually like their live YouTube Videos even more.  They are so good Live!  I like the live performances because they allow me to actually feel the music and the moment so much better.  Watch some.  You might agree.  Most of the videos on youtube are very good quality.  If you don’t have good speakers, listen with headphones or earbuds, it will sound much better.

Hold On Video  (Official)

Hold On Video  David Letterman

Be Mine Video from KCRW in Studio Live Performance…..Outstanding!

Hang Loose Video from Canada’s Studio Q

“…don’t be your own worst enemy….hang loose, let the ocean worry about being blue……”

Did you listen?  Did you enjoy?  Yes? No?

Just Asking


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