Obama Care Individual Mandate Upheld 5-4

Chief Justice Roberts, the Swing Vote to Uphold The Individual Mandate in Health Care Reform Law.

Today, 6/28/2012, will go down in American History as a Sad Day for America.  The Supreme Court Of The United States upheld, on a 5-4 decision, the Individual Mandate in Obama Care. Chief Justice Roberts sided with the Liberal Judges on the court.  Judge Roberts said that the Individual Mandate could be upheld as a Tax,  not as a part of the Commerce Clause.  (The Government has taxing authority.)  Judge Roberts seemed to hedge slightly in his decision saying that it was not the Courts job to Judge the Wisdom of the law.  He said that was up to the people of the United States.  I tend to read that as, if you want this law struck down, the fall election is the place to do that, meaning that you must elect representatives to Overturn the law.  Obviously, that’s just my opinion and I certainly may be reading way to much into it.  Wishful Thinking perhaps.

A few things to think about:

I can’t help but think that if Obama Care is not Overturned, our freedoms will be seriously abridged.  Can the government now dictate what you eat, how much you eat, what activities you may take part in, what cars you drive or ride in, or what decibel levels you must listen to your Ipod with?  The list goes on….  Will you need to go to the nearest Government Physical Certification Center for a PT Test?  Do you think you can make the grade and if not what penalty will you pay?  I know this all sounds stupid but ten or twenty years down the road it could very well be reality.

No more Football, Soccer, Wrestling, or Baseball due to injuries that could be sustained that would require the use of Obama Care.  Using Obama Care would require a payout by the government thus increasing costs.  Again, I know, it’s stupid but is it?  As the costs go up the government needs to find a way to curtail those costs.  Limiting exposure to injuries is a way to do that. Right?  If you prefer we can be Taxed more or perhaps a Surcharge to participate in those sports or activities where injury percentages increase?

Obama has said you would be able to keep your doctor and insurance etc. but it’s my belief that will be so initially.  Down the road as businesses dump their insurance plans (it’s cheaper for them to do so) and let you sign up with O Care, your choices will become limited.  As more people end up on Obama Care, insurance companies will begin to discontinue health coverages because they need a large pool (as the government does) to cover the costs.  When the pool becomes smaller the premiums would have to be higher which again contributes to more people moving to Obama Care.  When these things happen there will be only one Insurance Provider….Obama Care….and they will begin to dictate where you go, how often, what treatment you get etc.

A final thought on companies dropping insurance for their employees and paying the penalty because it’s cheaper, that will only be cheaper for a while because sooner or later the government will need more money to run Obama Care.  The government will then increase your “Penalty” or “Tax” and it won’t be long until it’s more expensive than the private plans that Previously Existed.  They said it was free.  Ha!

Here we were, worried about Justice Kennedy’s decision and it was Chief Justice Roberts that upheld the Health Care Reform Law.

Needless to say, I am deeply disappointed in Chief Justice Roberts’ decision.  I’m trying to decide if he was worried about his legacy or if truly believes in the Governments ability to use the Individual Mandate via a tax.  I can’t help but think that he really stretched to make this decision in the affirmative.

The 2012 Fall Election now becomes Extremely Important.  You could say Pivotal.   It will take a Conservative (Republican) victory this fall to repeal Obama Care.  Maybe this is best.  If the law is repealed, it can be so in total or nearly so.

From the Daily Caller…Neil Munro…..Individual Mandate Upheld.

National Review Online

The Washington Post


2 Responses to “Obama Care Individual Mandate Upheld 5-4”

  1. Please get your facts straight: ASSOCIATE Justice Clarence Thomas voted with the minority that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. CHIEF Justice John Roberts voted with the majority to uphold the individual mandate.

    • You are absolutely right!! I tried to type something quickly and was picturing Chief Justice Roberts but kept typing Thomas! I had Roberts’ picture up too. Your comment for whatever reason showed up as spam in my filter so I didn’t see it until just now. Thank You for pointing out my mistake. I sincerely appreciate it.

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