Fast and Furious – What’s Obama Hiding?

The Congressional Inquiry into Operation Fast and Furious is finally coming to a head.  The investigation has been going on for over a year.  Attorney General Eric Holder has been Stonewalling the Congressional Committee looking into Fast and Furious by not providing documents in a timely manner.  Infact, in some cases not providing requested documents at all.  Sometimes the documents were heavily redacted, rendering them next to useless.  Yesterday, June 20th, 2012, the investigating committee headed by Congressman Darrell Issa R-California voted along party lines to find the Attorney General in contempt of Congress.  The full Congress will now vote on the contempt charge.

Just prior to yesterdays Congressional Committee vote,  President Obama cited Executive Privilege in denying access to Congressionally requested documents concerning Fast and Furious.  Up to this point, there may have been some that thought the President knew of Fast and Furious and may have approved of it but now, with his invoking of Executive Privilege, he has without a doubt cast the spotlight on himself.  It looks very much like the President is attempting to hide something.  What would that be?  Knowledge?  Approval of the operation?  Is he protecting his Attorney General?

As far as I know, invoking Executive Privilege is used for matters pertaining to the Executive Branch, not something involving the Judicial  or Legislative Branches of Government.  Because of this my suspicions are heightened even more.

This whole thing may now be tied up in court until after the election.  I’m guessing there will be challenges to the invoking of Executive Privilege etc. that will run months and months.  Obama is gambling that he will be re-elected by the time it’s resolved.

Obama may have overplayed his hand.  Fast and Furious, thanks to the Mainstream Media, has been somewhat under the radar over the past year.  President Obama has now brought it into the light.  The media cannot avoid it any longer.  For instance, were you aware that NBC, until about a week ago, Never mentioned Fast and Furious?  Last week it got :30 seconds or so and that was only because of the impending threat by Congressman Issa’s Investigating Committee to vote to find Attorney General Holder in Contempt of Congress.  When the average John and Jane Doe find out what this idiotic program was all about, they’ll wonder like I have “what the hell were these people thinking?”

Fast and Furious – Some background:

Fast and Furious was an operation run by the ATF at the U.S. Mexico border. More than 1400 weapons, including AK semiautomatic type weapons, were allowed to be purchased by gun smugglers and taken across the border into Mexico where they ended up in the hands of drug cartel members and gangs. It’s believed that some of those weapons were used to kill civilians, Mexican officials and possibly Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Terry was shot in mid December 2010 in a confrontation with what were described as “heavily armed suspects near Rio Rico, AZ.” Agent Terry died the next day. Guns with serial numbers matching those sold to gun runners were found at the site of the confrontation.

If the following is true, why wasn’t Mexico involved?  It’s their country. Mexico said they had no knowledge of this operation. The ATF believed that they could track the sales of the guns to smugglers and to the various drug cartels operating at the border. According to the ATF, the idea was to allow the guns to be sold long enough to gather information about the distribution network. After enough information about the distribution networks was gathered the ATF said that they would take them down. As in other types of stings, the ATF felt that they could catch more and bigger fish by waiting.

I choose to believe that this operation was more about being able to say that American Guns were involved in crimes at the border.  The administration wanted more gun control in the U.S. From Pajamas Media: 

there is a pattern of behavior to suggest that Gunwalker was not a botched law enforcement operation, but was instead an effort by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department to carry out a subversive anti-gun policy of the Obama administration, it is pertinent to examine Obama’s past associations with anti-gun groups.

From 1994-2002, Obama was a director of the Joyce Foundation. Joyce is a progressive organization dedicated to “social justice,” and one of their primary areas of advocacy has always been the funding of gun control organizations. Joyce has long attempted to erode Second Amendment rights, and during Obama’s tenure as a director went so far as to try to subvert Second Amendment scholarship.

It was about 15 months ago that President Obama told a group of Gun Control folks that he was working on gun control “under the radar.”  Does under the radar mean Fast and Furious?  You make the call. Keep in mind that this would be about the time the story began to break.  It was three months before it became National News….sort of.

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5 Responses to “Fast and Furious – What’s Obama Hiding?”

  1. The people are so furious at the way BARACK has treated them
    they’ll be fast to the voting booths removing BARACK from office.

  2. Honestly, I think the tracking was just an excuse for some deeper mission- although I couldn’t imagine what- but it seems like an awfully flawed plan…fueling the opposition, since when have we ever done something like that..?

    • They didn’t really track the guns. Normally you would follow the purchaser and make the bust as he resold the guns but they didn’t. They let the buyer “Walk” and Mexico was unaware of the program…even though it was in their country. It seems to me that when the guns would show up at a crime or shootout that is when the U.S. wanted to know if our guns were there. They wanted to be able to make the argument for “long gun control” within the U.S. by saying American guns were a major problem. My gut says….purely political. Now it looks more like it with Obama invoking Executive Privilege.

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