Wisconsin Recall Election – The Morning After

It’s the morning after Wisconsin’s historical Recall Election.  I have some random thoughts: 

I’ve said numerous times before that I felt this Recall Election, violated the “Spirit” of the recall law.  The Governor did nothing illegal in office, that’s why I say the “Spirit” of the law was violated. It was strictly a recall due to policy decisions.  The recall began because the state employee labor unions didn’t like the fact that Governor Walker sharply curtailed their collective bargaining ability.  The unions are now, only able to bargain for pay not benefits.  It was at this point, the National Labor unions jumped in, as well as virtually every other left leaning special interest group.  You know the rest.

An exit poll ( I can’t recall whose ) was released shortly after the polls closed that I thought was very telling.  I remember thinking at the time that the numbers in it could be a Bad Omen for Tom Barrett.  The poll found that 60% of those polled said there should only be a Recall Election for a crime in office.  Another 9% said there should Never be a recall.  I certainly am not an expert but I believe that may have been a determining factor in very many voting decisions.  When you couple that with the fact that property taxes were kept pretty much in check, we have an unemployment rate (6.7%), which is below the national level (8.2%) and he’s created around 30,000 jobs, you have the recipe for a solid win.

Admittedly, the job numbers aren’t where Governor Walker would like them but it’s my feeling that some of the blame for that has to be all the turmoil that Wisconsin has been through.  It’s my opinion that any large business seriously considering locating here would put their plans on hold until they see how things play out.  If the business climate is not going to be conducive to developing a thriving and profitable business, why take the risk?  Hoefully now, things can begin to once again move forward on that front.

Governor Walker balanced the state budget.  People understand that the government simply can’t continue to blindly spend.  Voters must live within their means, why shouldn’t government?  For the time being at least, everyone needs to “Bite The Bullet.”  When the economy picks up and more tax revenue is generated, perhaps then we can look at increasing spending.

I don’t know that this affected many like it did me, but one of the stories to come out of this whole thing is that the state teachers union stuck so many districts with their unions own Health Insurance plan.  The problem with that was: 

 WEAC was sticking it to these districts with their high priced lower deductable plan.  Many school districts saved thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to carry WEAC’s teachers insurance after Governor Walker passed ACT 10.   Nothing like being raked over the coals with steep premiums. Wouldn’t you feel like you’ve been played for a sucker after learning that you could get similar insurance much cheaper from a different insurer?

Another factor in Governor Walker’s win may have been that Tom Barrett would not say exactly what his plan would have been for balancing Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion debt.  For that matter he really didn’t say how he would proceed into the future if elected.  He did say he wanted to restore collective bargaing to its pre-Walker status.  I think voters balked at this.  They knew that higher taxes would not be far behind.

We all heard that the election was going to be close.  The candidates were dead even headed into election day.  When the polls closed, Exit Polls were telling us that it was “50-50” OR “A Coin Flip.”  I noticed that about 15 or 20 minutes after the polls closed, the Exit Polls were saying 52 -48 Walker.  It ended up being 56 -44 Walker.  What Happened?  It looks as though Governor Walker received a very solid vote of confidence. 

As I’ve said before, people understand what needs to be done and they appreciate the leader who steps up to the plate and tackles the problem, regardless of the criticism he/she may receive. 

President Obama, Are You Watching??

Any thoughts?  Agree?  Disagree? 

Just Asking.

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                              From HotAir.Com or this from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and

                              from Wisconsin’s own Stephen Hayes…..


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