RECALL Tuesday in Wisconsin

It’s finally here, Recall Tuesday in Wisconsin.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is attempting to defeat current Governor, Scott Walker.  Barrett has sought the Governors Office twice before and both times he was defeated.  Tom Barrett hopes this time, with the help of major employee unions, primarily public unions, he can knock Governor Walker from office.  Since the mayor couldn’t obtain the office of Governor through a normal election, I suppose you could say he’s a political opportunist.  Will the 3rd time be the charm.  All polling says its close and within the margin of error.  Turnout on both sides will be “Key.”

If you’re reading this you are more than likely aware of how this all came about.  I won’t detail it here.  Feel free to look over any posts I have written (from the conservative viewpoint) or anything else you may find just about anywhere on the internet.  You might want to look at Badger Blue, Times Two.  The owner of this site and myself have actually been able to talk to each other about some of what has been happening without shouting.  I don’t think that I have changed his mind, nor has he changed mine but I enjoyed our conversation.

Before you cast your vote today, here are a few things to remember:

  • the recall isn’t about illegal activity.  Gov. Walker did nothing wrong while Governor.  The recall violates the “spirit” of the law.  Those of us on the right, say it’s invalidating our vote in the general election.
  • the Governor has balanced Wi. Budget….would you rather be looking a $3.6 billion debt…and higher taxes and spending?
  • I understand that state, county and municipal employees didn’t like having their collective bargaining taken away.  In two different jobs, I have had my pay and benefits cut.  One pay cut was $2.00/hr.  I didn’t like it either but you move on.  By curtailing the bargaining for benefits, the Governor allowed local school districts and cities to not have to raise property taxes in order to maintain their budgets.
  • Consider this; many, many school districts saved thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to carry WEAC’s teachers insurance.  WEAC was sticking it to many of these districts with their high priced lower deductable plans.  Nothing like being raked over the coals with steep premiums.  Wouldn’t you feel like you’ve been played after learning that you could get similar insurance much cheaper?  Sucker?
  • If employee’s have the “Right” to collectively bargain, isn’t it “Right” that the employer should have the right to “Not” collectively bargain?  He takes the risk.  Strikes, loss of business, etc.
  • Shouldn’t it be a right for each employee to voluntarily join a union?
  • Tom Barrett has not and is not saying how he would’ve done anything differently to balance the states budget.  Why Not?  No plan?  Doesn’t know?  OR is afraid?
  • Have you noticed that Tom Barrett isn’t telling you how he balanced Milwaukee’s budget this time?  He had to use the same tools that Scott Walker made available to every other community in Wisconsin.
  • Barrett has said that he plans to return collective bargaining and all the tax increases that will come with it.  Nice.
  • Do you really want to continue down a spending path that will strap your kids with huge debt.  Keep in mind that we are just talking the state debt here.  Add in the federal debt and walla….your children will be turning their entire checks over to the government.  Maybe that’s the idea.  I don’t know.

Like you, I have to get to work but I just wanted to throw out a couple things.  I find it refreshing that someone like Scott Walker came along to take the “Bull by the Horns.”  It is absolutely imperative that we keep moving in the direction Governor Walker has moved us.  For a while at least, we need to reign in the spending and save ourselves from passing over the approaching precipous into a cavern of doom.

Have a Great Day.  Go Governor Walker.  Don’t forget to Vote.

Just Asking.


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