Mahlon Mitchell, No Friend Of Business

Wisconsin’s Recall Election will be held on Tuesday June 5th, 2012.  Nearly all the attention has been focused on the Recall of Governor Scott Walker.  Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is also being recalled.  Challenging the Lt. Governor is Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters Union of Wisconsin.

You may recall that Mitchell was one of a number of Union Presidents that sent letters to Marshall & Ilsley Corporation and Kwik Trip Convenience Stores of Wisconsin threatening boycotts of their businesses if they did not toe the line to their union demands.   These companies had either, with donations of money, signs, or literature backed Governor Walker.  Basically these union thugs wanted M & I Banks and Kwik Trip to publicly repudiate Governor Walker’s actions.  Are these the actions of a leader, let alone one that wants the second highest state political position?

Note:  We only know of two letters that Mitchell Signed.  He could very well have signed others.  From Politifact Wi.:

Mitchell campaign spokesman Kevin Benish said Mitchell signed only the two boycott letters because M&I and Kwik Trip had received government aid but mistreated employees. Benish tried to downplay the letters, saying they didn’t actually threaten boycotts, though they clearly did.
Benish said Mitchell didn’t endorse and couldn’t control any boycotts efforts undertaken beyond M&I and Kwik Trip. Asked whether Mitchell opposed any of the other boycott efforts, Benish didn’t provide any evidence that Mitchell had.

Mitchell has said he wants to create jobs. Is that how you create jobs? Threats of boycotts.  Boycotts that not only hurt the owners of businesses but also their employees.  For a man that says he wants to represent people and make their lives better, he has shown No Hesitation to snuff out their ability to make a living.  Is this the mark of a Great Man?  There is nothing statesman like about it.  It reflects a bullying attitude.  There’s actually a quality of smallness about it as well.

Mahlon Mitchell isn’t ready to ascend to this level of politics.  He only recently became President of his union.  It also appears as though he has just begun to take an interest in politics and voting.  Please watch this video from Jeremy Segal of Rebel Pundit on  YouTube.Com.

Here’s more information:  Does Mitchell play fast and loose with the truth or does he just Not Know what the hell he’s talking about?  Here he talks about ABC Supply owner Diane Hendricks and how she has not paid corporate taxes.  The article is from The Milwaukee Drum.  Begin reading below the ABC Power Logo.

More of Mahlon Mitchell, Friend of Cornell West.  Cornell West….Not someone I would Hitch My Wagon To.  If you care to watch, there is video on this page as well.

Not to be overly critical but I’ve noticed in some of his video/audio remarks and quotes I have read, Mitchell doesn’t have a really good handle on grammar.  For instance,  above on the Rebel Pundit page, the author of the article even mentions that he says “…implorable,” when he meant deplorable.  On The Milwaukee Drum site discussing ABC Power’s owner Diane Hendricks, he says,   “…Well, I think you got to look at people like Diane Hendricks…”   It should be, “…Well I think you’ve got to look,” or “…Well I think you have to look…”  I’ve seen other instances as well.  Understand, I barely graduated from high school and I’m not very good with grammar either but I’m not seeking Wisconsin’s second highest office.  I would expect better.  Imagine him soliciting businesses.  CEO’s and Corporation owners would probably wonder how the hell he rose to this level in politics and then think,  do I really want to do business with this guy? Keep in mind that Wisconsin is in a bidding war with other states/countries to get businesses to move here and employ our residents.  We need top notch people that know how to communicate effectively and persuade these businesses that Wisconsin is the place to be.  I don’t see that with Mahlon Mitchell.

Remember…Wherever he goes and Whatever he does…Mahlon Mitchell will be representing Wisconsin (YOU).

When you take into consideration that Mahlon Mitchell is just so ill-prepared for this job and then add in the fact he likes to boycott businesses that Wisconsin needs badly, I have to say Mahlon Mitchell is “Not Ready For Primetime.”  Mahlon Mitchell as Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor would be a disaster.

Mitchell only decided to run for Lt. Governor after some activist blogger stroked him (figuratively speaking of course) and said he should run.  From Channel3000.Com: The activist from Sheboygan started a Facebook page urging Mitchell to throw his hat in the ring in the event of a recall.

“I was flattered,” said Mitchell. “I’m humbled by it and when I saw the response from people, it’s flattering and humbling. And it’s quite the process.”

And it’s a process Mitchell said he is now seriously considering.

Note that the article is about running for Governor.  I guess that means that after other higher profile names began to run ( namely Falk ) he decided to run for Lt. Governor.

Do we really want Unions running our Government?  This would not bode well for Wisconsin.  It would be like politicians voting themselves pay raises and benefits, only worse!!  Is this something that you would be comfortable with?  Remember, you’re paying for whatever they want.  It’s bad enough that politicians get to do this but Unions??

Government Of The Unions, By The Unions, For The Unions.  Kinda has a nice ring to it huh?  Just kidding.

What do you think?

Just Asking.


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    “I was just…I’m not really engaged in politics. I’m not really engaged in statewide politics at all. But once, what happened last year, and before that when Barack Obama came on the scene, that got me really really engaged in politics.

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