Barrett Believes Electorate Stupid

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett believes the voters of Wisconsin are stupid.  The Mayor continues to pound away at the John Doe Investigation surrounding some of Scott Walker’s staff during his time as Milwaukee County Executive.  The Mayor’s ad, as well as some PAC ads, cite the indictments, embezzlement, and shadow email network setup by members of his staff and add that Scott Walker set up a Defense Fund, implying his guilt.

Christian Schneider, of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, recently wrote an article for National Review Online’s,  The Corner.  The article is titled “Desperate Times Call For Desperate TV Ads.”  In it, he provides some information about the John Doe Investigation.  From that article:

The story of the John Doe investigation is thus: Walker’s former deputy chief of staff, Timothy Russell, has been charged with stealing $60,000 in contributions meant for Operation Freedom, a picnic that honors veterans. Russell’s domestic partner, Brian Pierick, was also charged with two felony counts of child enticement. Two former Walker aides have also been charged with doing campaign work on government time (although just last week it was discovered that Kris Barrett, Tom Barrett’s wife and a public school teacher, sent political e-mails from her government-hosted e-mail account as well.)

It was actually Walker himself who requested the John Doe investigation when he got word of wrongdoing by his staff. But he has also set up a legal-defense fund, which has given his opponents plenty of fodder for accusations. They say that the defense fund is proof Walker himself is being investigated; but state law clearly allows creation of a defense fund merely if a candidate’s “agent” is being investigated. In this case, Walker’s “agents” would be his former employees. So while the creation of the fund itself means little, “Scott Walker has a criminal defense fund!” has become the “9-9-9” of the recall election cycle — a non-sequitur meant to serve as the final answer to any and all questions.

A quick point about the emails.  The staff members used government time and equipment to discuss campaign items for a former candidate for Lt. Governor (an opponent of the current Lt. Governor).  Not that it makes any difference who they were supporting, I just thought it was interesting it didn’t involve doing anything for their boss, County Executive Scott Walker.

Why do I think Tom Barrett believes Wisconsin voters are stupid?  Because what All of the ads fail to mention, as they ask the Governor to come clean and release the emails, is that the John Doe Investigation is SECRET.  The Governor is not able to release that information.  Doing so would be breaking the law, could taint the investigation and perhaps even intimitdate potential witnesses or those who might otherwise come forward with information.

I thought Tom Barrett was a lawyer?  He knows this.  He’s banking on the fact that you don’t.  Do you think this might be a little disingenuous? If Tom Barrett doesn’t know that Governor Walker is barred from talking about the John Doe and releasing the emails, then maybe He’s The Stupid One.  He certainly can’t be a competent lawyer.  Unfortunately, Disingenuousness and Incompetence are things I’ve come to expect from Mayor Barrett.

Sadly, Mayor Barrett is a guy without a plan.  His campaign is not about anything he can do for the state of Wisconsin, it’s about how terrible Scott Walker is.  Barrett never answers the question, “What would he have done differently to balance Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion deficit?”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal has endorsed Governor Scott Walker in this ReCall Election, as they did for the General Election.  In their endorsement they admonish Governor Walker for going too far too fast with the curtailing of Public Employees Collective Bargaining ability.  They can only bargain for wages.  Bargaining for benefits has been taken off the table.  They liked the fact that he and the Republican controlled Assembly and Senate came up with a balanced budget.

As for Tom Barrett, the paper gave him a pass on raising Milwaukee’s taxes and said that city services were still solid.  What they didn’t like was, they seemed to say,  he was too “Conservative” (my word….not theirs) in his approach to governing.  They referred to him as “… risk-averse to a fault.”

Remember, the next time you see a Tom Barrett anti-Walker John Doe Ad, that they are counting on your ignorance about the law’s concerning release of John Doe information.   John Doe Investigations are Secret and releasing information is illegal.

But, you knew that.  Right?

Just Asking

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2 Responses to “Barrett Believes Electorate Stupid”

  1. Great article!!! I hope more people read this and realize how ignorant Tom Barrett really is. I just got done watching the debate between Walker and Barrett; all Barrett did was bash Governor Walker! Well what are his plans for the state?! Tom Barrett doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he knows that with the latest statistics the Governor is ahead of him. Look at all the hard-working taxpayers money that has to go for this recall election; what a waste!
    Speaking of wasting money… Why in the world does Tommy Boy think that Milwaukee needs a trolley? How will that benefit us? Talk about wasteful spending. Tom Barrett says that he’s for the middle class…okay fine. Then why the heck would he think about spending taxpayer’s money on something so stupid? I think that a trolley is one of the last things Milwaukee needs.

    • Thank You for your comment. I’ve written in other posts that I believe Tom Barrett is a political opportunist. He either has no plan of action, other than to reverse course, or is afraid to tell the people of Wisconsin to standby for huge tax increases. He has had plenty of time with the benefit of Hindsight, to come up with a plan. You would think he would want to tell voters his plans….unless of course he knows they will not be received well. Did you see the Milwaukee Journal Sentinels article that was posted on the internet just a couple hours before debate time? They said that the County Executive Scott Walkers office was “Stonewalling the Investigation.” Charlie Sykes has a very good read on his Sykes Writes site concerning this. No where and No one said those words about Scott Walkers office. If you get time read it, it will have you wondering how much you can trust the Journal Sentinel. Here’s the link:

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