Another Analysis – Another Win For Walker

Another study, this one from the Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research, at Suffolk University in Boston, says that Governor Walker’s passage of Act 10, has benefited the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  The study is expected to be released this week by Beacon Hill Institute.  It says Act 10 saved the taxpayers of Wisconsin more than One Billion Dollars!

Act 10 resulted in Lower Taxes……

“The cost-saving measures prevented painful tax increases that would have damaged the state’s private economy resulting in slower job and income growth,” said Paul Bachman, BHI director of research. “Moreover, the provisions avoided further painful layoffs of school teachers and other public employees.” 

Act 10 helped to save jobs…..

BHI also found that, by not raising taxes to cover the $3.6 billion budget gap, the state prevented the loss of 11,500 to 14,000 private sector jobs “by keeping more money in the hands of households and businesses.”

Act 10 freed up Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for state investment…..

The BHI study found budget reforms freed up as much as $350 million in investment in the state.
A correlation? Perhaps. The State Department of Revenue data shows tax revenue is up this year — at least a sign of an improving economy.

There’s more.  Read about it at Wisconsin Reporter.Com

It’s Funny, political opportunist, Tom Barrett still hasn’t said what he would have done differently to balance Wisconsin’s $3.6 Billion deficit.  Mayor Barrett has had plenty of time, with the benefit of Hindsight, to come up with some kind of plan.  Perhaps the Mayor subscribes to the saying, “Silence Is Golden.”

What do you think?  Does the Mayor have a plan?  Or, is he like Obama, he just likes to hear himself speak?

Just Asking.


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