Blues/Rock Guitarist Gary Moore, One Of The Best

Although I don’t buy many Blues records, I’m still a fan of the Blues.  I’m probably not unique in the fact that I have moments of reflection or melancholy when a good Blues song strikes the right chord.  A good Blues tune relies on a Great Blues Artist to make the connection with the listener.  Gary Moore was one of those Great Artists. 

It’s been about 15 months since the unexpected passing of Blues/Rock Guitarist Gary Moore.  I only discovered him a couple years before his death.  Gary was of Irish descent and over his career had played with many Greats.  If you’re a fan of Gary’s,  you already know that he had been a member of Thin Lizzy as well as the original Skid Row.  Gary’s experience within these and other groups, coupled with his solo career propelled him to the upper echelons of the Worlds Blues Guitarists. 

Speaking as an American fan, I always felt that he wasn’t given the credit due him from the U.S. Blues base.  However, I’m sure that if you asked the Blues Professionals in America, they would tell you that Gary Moore was One Of The Best. 

My favorite DVD was Gary Moore’s Tribute to former Thin Lizzy Band Mate, Phil Lynott.  The DVD is titled One Night In Dublin: A Tribute To Phil Lynott.  It’s very good.  If you get the chance watch it.  Many of the songs are on YouTube.  If you watch any, I bet you might buy the DVD.  It’s that good. 

Perhaps my favorite cut from the DVD is “Don’t Believe A Word.”  It’s a great version of the song….Infact, it’s one song but two versions!  The song begins with the Blues Version and at about the 4:50 mark, it launches into the Rock N’ Roll Version.  Another great Blues tune is Gary’s “Still In Love With You.”

 Also included on the DVD is an old Irish Folk tune (Whiskey In The Jar) that Thin Lizzy made into a Rock N Roll hit.  Joining Gary on Whiskey In The Jar,  is former Thin Lizzy Guitarist, Eric Bell.  Gary actually replaced Eric when he did his first stint with Thin Lizzy.  This is a fun tune complete with nonsensical lyrics….Musharing Dum a Do Dum a Da. Some believe that they may have some meaning but because of slang and thick brogues you can’t be certain.  Generally it’s believed that this is a traditional form of vocalization called Puirt a beul, or Lilting, and it’s origins are from Scotland, Ireland, and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  This type of singing comes from Orain Luaidh, or Waulking Song sung by the women when fulling cloth.  The vocal performer sings lighthearted, often bawdy lyrics, although these are sometimes replaced with meaningless vocables, so there would be no way to translate them.

Since this was a tribute to Phil Lynott, other former members of Thin Lizzy were on hand as well.  Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham were both there and of course Drummer Brian Downing.  On bass for the show was Jethro Tull Bassist Jonathan Noyce. 

One Night In Dublin just happens to be favorite DVD but don’t forget there is a wealth of Gary Moore stuff out there.  Here is a link to Gary’s Official Website.  It’s still being updated.  Stop by and find out more about Gary Moore….One Of The Best Blues/Rock Guitarists…Ever!

Who’s your favorite Blues artist?

Just Asking.


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