Questions For Mayor Barrett

Generally when one applies for a job they are asked a series of questions about their work experience and qualifications, their goals and how they would go about improving  things like budgets and productivity.  Mayor Barrett seems to have escaped many of these questions from the Main Stream Media and he’s certainly not volunteering any information.  Why?  Is he afraid or incompetent?  Perhaps Mayor Barrett has no idea on what course of action he will take if elected Governor and therefore cannot answer.  Would he take the same course of action as Governor Walker or something very close? Or is Barrett nothing more than a “Political Opportunist?”  Did he see a chance for a redo of the general election and decide to pounce on it, figuring that Walker would most assuredly be toast?

In April, Barrett was asked by John McCormack of the Weekly Standard……….what he would have done differently to balance Wisconsin’s $3.6 Billion deficit?  Barrett refused to answer directly.  He rambled on about Collective Bargaining instead.  Pressed a third time, Barrett said he was moving on to talk to Democrats lining up to meet him. “These are voters,” Barrett said. “You can’t vote for me.”  Wouldn’t you think, he’s had plenty of time to come up with some kind of answer?  He’s even had the benefit of Hindsight.

Tom Barrett also isn’t saying, if he should be elected Governor, if he will provide State Funding to his 2 mile Trolley Train in downtown Milwaukee.  According to Brett Healy of the MacIver Institute, The announced cost was $64.6 million.  This included $55 million in federal transit aid (previously allocated twenty years ago) and $9.7 million in tax-incremental financing district funds. Supporters assert that rider fares, downtown parking fees and advertising revenue will cover the $2.65 million annual operating cost.  The Mayor and city officials somehow forgot to include the cost of relocating all the utilities that will need to be moved.  No problem, they say, the utilities will bear those costs.  Will they?  I don’t think so.  Those costs will be passed along to consumers in the form of higher rates.  The costs are substantial.  Again from the MacIver Institute…..”In their response to queries made by State Senators Van Wanggaard and Leah Vukmir, the PSC confirmed that additional, utility-related, costs associated with the project could exceed $70 million.”

Rather than the taxpayers paying higher taxes or incurring higher utility rates for a Vanity Trolley for Mayor Barrett, I would think the Mayor should be asked if the taxpayer might rather those increases take care of the Mayor’s Poop Problem wtih the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District.  Didn’t the Mayor at one time campaign on fixing that problem?  Nothing like flushing a bunch of crap into Lake Michigan….It makes for a great picture.

Another question the Mayor should be asked, just so he’s on record, isif his staffer, Jeff Fleming has done any campaign work on city time.  Fleming did PR work for Barrett in the General Election run against Walker.  Barrett has since hired him to work out of his office for the city.  An illegal act could be something as simple as using a city supplied cellphone to talk about campaign strategy.  I think it’s a fair question,  considering that Mayor Barrett is hoping that Walker be charged as a result of the ongoing John Doe Investigation into campaign work done by Walker staffers while he was Milwaukee County Executive.

I noticed the Mayor didn’t have too much to say when it was revealed that his wife used her Milwaukee school email for political activity.  He lashed out at Republicans and the media for attacking his family.  The Good Mayor needs to talk to Governor Walker about attacks on family.  Governor Walker has more than few stories and Governor Walker’s family has not done anything illegal.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do…..Do you recall how Tom Barrett insisted on city employees live within the city of Milwaukee?  His wife no longer teaches school in Milwaukee, she teaches in Wauwatosa BUT lives in Milwaukee.  Apparently the Barretts don’t see the hypocrisy.

Today, the Maciver Institute has a story about “no bid contracts” within the Barrett Administration.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal ran the story initially but….according to Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute…..”Now, I’m not alleging a quid pro quo.  But you would think a reporter doing a story on allegations of political favoritism would have done a cursory search of campaign finance records. It took me all of three minutes. Then again, maybe the author of this story did that, too, and his reporting didn’t survive his editors’ review??? Considering Barrett is a candidate for next month’s gubernatorial recall, isn’t this relevant?”

What about it Mayor?  Anything to see here?

How about Johnny Thomas Mr. Mayor?  Anything you would like to add to your endorsement of Thomas?  Remember you did endorse him for City Comptroller……. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett recognized Johnny Thomas as the right fit for the Comptroller position. “The citizens of Milwaukee need a Comptroller they can trust to ensure our finance system is stable and secure. Johnny has the right mix of public and private sector experience, and the broad vision necessary to be an excellent Comptroller for Milwaukee,” said Mayor Tom Barrett.

For anyone who is unaware of Johnny Thomas, consider this….. Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny Thomas is accused of taking a $500 bribe to approve a government contract, then accept another $500 after the approval.

Tom Barrett says he wants to create jobs but when his Democrat Party voted down the mining of iron ore in Northern Wisconsin he was very silent.  You would’ve thought that he would have taken advantage of a great opportunity to provide badly needed jobs to the state and to some degree,  his own city,  since they manufacture heavy duty mining equipment.  The silence of Mayor Barrett spoke volumes about his Politics Over Jobs Philosophy.

Has anyone asked Mayor Barrett why it appears that the National Democrat Party is distancing itself from him?  Is there internal polling that shows Barrett not doing well?  If he’s not doing well, why would that be?

Does Mayor Barrett approve of State Democrat Party Chairman Mike Tate’s antics?  How about the “Buffoon Mouthpiece” of the State Democrat Party, Graeme Zielenski?  Honestly, why in the hell would you want an idiot like this out front espousing your policies and thoughts?  Actually the more I hear of the idiotic stuff this guy says and does, the more I like it.  He makes them their own worst enemy!  I am amazed they can’t see that.

Mayor Barrett doesn’t have a vision for Wisconsin.  Like President Obama, Mayor Barrett wants to be the Leader Without Leading.  Wisconsin has a Real Leader.  His name is Scott Walker.

More Questions For Tom Barrett…..Here.

Just Asking


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