Walker Tax Incentives For Plexus = 350 New Jobs!

Tom Barrett and Wisconsin Democrats like to say that Governor Walker has given millions of dollars in tax breaks to businesses with No Jobs to show for it.  You’ve seen the political ads by now.  There is no need to rehash them here.  The fact is that, if there weren’t any New Jobs created, then No Tax Break was given. Tom Barrett and his fellow Democrats make it sound like Governor Walker is flushing money down the toilet.  Apparently today, some of that money found its way to Neenah and the World Headquarters of Plexus Corporation, a manufacturer of electronic components.  Plexus announced a $68 million dollar expansion in Neenah.  The expansion will create 350 New Jobs!

Company officials say “…the close to $68 million investment in Neenah was only made possible through tax break incentives from the state.”

Governor Walker says the tax breaks equate to about $15 million.

Here’s the Story with Video as Reported by WBAY TV Green Bay, Wi.

Mayor Barrett….It’s Working!  It would be working faster had you and your union buddies not thrown the state into turmoil.  Businesses hate Uncertainty but then I doubt that you would understand that.  Mayor Barrett, you still haven’t said what you would have done differently to balance the states $3.6 Billion dollar deficit had you won the election.  Any thoughts? Or do you have to consult with the Democrats Dynamic Duo….Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski?

Just Asking.


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