The Wisconsin Recall, A Look At The Jobs Numbers

Now that we’re full swing into the Recall Election in Wisconsin, if you’re like me, your head will really begin to spin as the charges and counter charges and statistics fly through your ears into your head.  The number of Jobs (Losses and Creations) appears to be a huge issue in the campaign.  Democrats are citing the losses of jobs under Governor Walker and of course the Governor says, “…no, I have created……jobs.”  Who to believe?  This morning while perusing SykesWrites, I came across an interesting presentation about Jobs in Wisconsin.

The presentation was by the Chief Economist for the State Department of Revenue, John Koskinen.  Koskinen was speaking to the Association of Governement Accountants.  Koskinen simply says the numbers don’t add up.  He believes that the numbers actually point to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.  For instance, if we have suffered tens of thousands of job losses, why is state tax revenue up and unemployment down?  Did you know that Employment can be measured three different ways?

I highly recommend watching the video.  It’s about 15 minutes long.  It would take too long to write it all out….and I’m not so sure I could write it in a way that would easily make sense.  Economist Koskinen also has charts to help you understand what he’s saying.  I guarantee that you will learn something and say…”Wow, that makes perfect sense.”

Please watch.  You owe it to yourself to better understand what’s happening.  Odds are you won’t hear Tom Barrett or any Major Media Outlets talking this up.  What do you think?

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