Barrett Falk Whining About Walker Defense Fund

Both of the Democrat Candidates for Wisconsin Governor spent part of yesterday “Whining” about Governor Scott Walkers Defense Fund.  It’s actually called “The Scott Walker Trust” but it is a Defense Fund.  It’s a Trust set up to help pay the legal bills the Governor is acccumulating as a result of a John Doe investigation into some of his staff while he was Milwaukee County Executive.  Allegedly at least one of his staff was working on his campaign while on County time.  Dems are hoping the Governor becomes a victim of the investigation.  A spokeswoman for the Governor’s recall campaign, Ciara Mathews, says he is not a target of the investigation.  And so it goes…..

On (5/2/12) Governor Walker transfered $60,000 from his campaign to the Trust Fund.  It’s legal for an elected official to use campaign funds “…if they’re under investigation or charged with a violation of election or campaign finance regulations. They are also allowed to create funds if one of their “agents” is under investigation.”  I should add that any elected official that does this kind of transfer has to get permission from his donors.  Apparently you keep asking donors until you get the total dollars you need.  Governor Walker hasn’t said whose donations he is using.

Because of the transfer of money from his campaign to the Trust Fund, Barrett and Falk are both whining that Walker needs to provide an explanation to the public about whether or not he is a target of the investigation.  Barrett said, “To allow this election to go forward without him disclosing to the people of this state what is going on is a travesty.”   I guess my question to Barrett and Falk would be, would you believe him if he said,  “No, I’m not a target of this investigation?”

I would ask both Barrett and Falk if, over the years, they are aware of any campaign fund raising within their respective offices?  The Mainstream Media has been avoiding asking Tom Barrett whether or not his Public Relations staffer, Jeff Fleming has done any campaign work on City time.  Fleming was a campaign spokesman when Barrett decided to make the 2010 run for Governor.  Now that he works for Barrett as a parttime city employee, it begs the question, “Has he done any campaign work while on city time?”  Even something as silly as an email.  An email that just might arrange a campaign appearance or solicit donations.

There is some speculation that this whole John Doe investigation has been timed to the Recall Election.  Will Milwaukee County D.A. John Chisholm lower the boom on Walker just before the recall?  The John Doe has been plagued with leaks.  This further creates the appearance of intentionally damaging Governor Walkers chances in the recall.  The D.A. should be investigating his staff.  The leaks make him look like a fool.  Maybe the D.A. and/or some members of his staff could use some “Depends?”  What do you think?

Just Asking

More on Walker John Doe………Here……Here….and if you search can find more stories.

More on Barretts Campaign Staffer….Jeff Fleming.


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