Wisconsin Democrat Recall Primary – Write In Scott Walker?

Apparently in Wisconsin there is a movement afoot to Write in Scott Walker’s name in the Democrat Primary on May 8th.  On the face of it, it sounds like a great idea but I don’t believe we should be playing around with our votes.  It would have to be such a massive movement to succeed and if Governor Walker were to win as a write in candidate, the GAB hasn’t said how that would square with election law.  Do you really want the GAB to be involved in determining legality?  I don’t.  I’m confident that Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch can win their elections straight up.  Let’s not leave room for any errors and keep in mind, that in the primary elections, I don’t believe you can split your votes between the party’s.  It has to be either all Democrat or all Republican.

UPDATE 4-27-2012:  This update applies to the last two sentences above.  YES you can crossover in the Recall Primaries.  For instance, you could vote for a Republican Governor and a Democrat Lt. Governor.

Vote as you will but in my opinion, their is just way too much at stake with the Recall Election’s to be experimenting.  Am I wrong?  Am I missing something?  Any thoughts?

Just Asking.

Operation:  Write in Scott Walker in Democrat Primary


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