Mr. Nice Guy, Tom Barrett

In his campaign to oust Governor Scott Walker in the upcoming recall election, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has hauled out the Mr. Nice Guy sympathy spot.  It’s the one that talks about Barretts rescue of a grandmother and her grandchild as they were being confronted by the childs father.  In the attempt to help, Barrett was struck with a tire iron on the head and torso areas and suffered a broken hand in the incident.  Fortunately he recovered.  It was admirable that Mayor Barrett came to the aid of a fellow citizen.  Many would have kept on walking.  More about the incident can be found in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

I’m sure that Mayor Barrett, on a personal level, is a Nice Guy.  The kind of guy you might like to have a “Beer Summit” with.  The question is whether Mayor Barrett is a Competent Guy?  Whether the Mayor has the ability to effectively govern Wisconsin?  I would say this is where the Mayor may fall short.  One need only look at what has happened to Milwaukee since he has been Mayor.  Consider, that in seven of the last eight years,  Mayor Barrett has raised property taxes something like 24%.  His ability to retain and acquire jobs for Milwaukee has not been good.  Unemployment is up around 27% under Barrett.  The poverty rate in Milwaukee is the 4th worst in the nation.   Milwaukee public schools have one of the worst graduation rates (9th worst) in the country.   Not something to be proud of.

Here’s a sample of what is going on in Milwaukee.  

Under Mayor Barrett, Milwaukee recently underwent a downgrade on their debt rating from Moodys.  The Mayor, in a move President Obama has made famous, wasted no time in pointing the finger at someone else, in this case, Governor Walker. Barrett cited Walker budget reforms as the reason.  Like many cities, Milwaukee relies, perhaps too heavily, on feeding at the state and federal tits.  Whatever happened to not counting on something that cannot be absolutely guaranteed?  Especially during these financially stressful times.    The Business Journal has the story.

What’s funny about Mayor Barrett complaining about the Walker reforms is that he used those very reforms to put Milwaukee’s budget in order and actually came out $11 million dollars ahead by doing so!  Check it out here.

As Mayor, Tom Barrett has met his Peter Principle.  Barrett,  as Governor of Wisconsin,  would be a disaster for the people of the Badger State.  You may recall the saying,  “Nice guys finish last,” in this case, “This Nice Guy Should Finish Last,” for a third time.

Will the third time be the charm for Mayor Barrett?  Current Polls say No but that could change in the blink of an eye.

Just Asking.


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