The Obama HissyFit Tour

Yes, that’s what I’m calling Obama’s Re-election Campaign “The HissyFit Tour.”  It became apparent Monday and Tuesday this week that Obama was going to attack anything that he feels may stand in his way to winning a second term in office.  It began Monday with his attack, some say threat, on the Supreme Court Justices.  Obama must be worried that the Court will overturn his mandate that everyone buy insurance or be fined.  The Justices are considering whether or not it’s Constitutional for the Government to mandate that you buy something.  If they can force you to purchase insurance then what else can they make you buy?  In his rant, the President referred to the Justices as an “unelected group of people” and seemed to be telling the Justices that they would be committing “Judicial Activism” if they struck down the mandate.

Obama taught Constitutional law so he knows better than to accuse the Supreme Court of Judicial Activism.  If Obama truly believes it would be Judicial Activism, then Obama is not as smart as he thinks he is.  The Court is not considering writing or rewriting the law, simply if it’s Constitutional.  “Unelected group of people?”  Mr. Obama must have forgotten that the reason the Justices are not elected is that they are then less likely to be influenced by attacks from arrogant Presidents, other public officials and the public in general.  They don’t have to worry about getting re-elected.

I imagine that the attack on the court was for public consumption as much as it was an attempt to maybe influence the courts decision.  If the law goes down, then Obama can say he passed a health care law and the Conservative Court took it away and that is why you need to give me another term as President.

It was sad seeing the President Of The United States Of America acting like a child who did not get his way.  Remember, Obama has attacked the Supreme Court Justices before.  Much like a playground bully, he attacked the Justices on their campaign finance decision while they were seated in front of him during a State of the Union speech.

On Tuesday the President attempt to fine tune or mitigate some of what he said on Monday.  This only served to make him look like a bigger fool.

Questions:   Was the President tipped off about the Courts decision.  Many feel the Court made its decision Thursday or Friday of last week…it just won’t be published until sometime in June.  If the decision was already done, and he was tipped off, then Obama was making an attempt at getting the court to reverse its decision.  Intimidation?  Veiled threat?  If he was tipped off, who tipped him off?  A law clerk,  or worse, one of the Justices?  I highly doubt it would have been a Conservative Justice.  My money would be on Kagan, she was his Solicitor General and prepared arguments for ObamaCare.  Should she have recused herself because of that?  Ginsberg?  She would be second on my list.  I don’t believe she thinks much of the Constitution since she recently told Egyptian government officials not to use our Constitution as a model for an Egyptian Constitution.  Apparently ours is too antiquated.

Standby.  More HissyFits are on the way!

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Watch the Video……President Obama attacks Supreme Court on health care


2 Responses to “The Obama HissyFit Tour”

  1. Sounds like you’re the one throwing a hissy fit, but you right-wingers think with your emotions, so it’s to be expected.

  2. Cute photo…most of us know that the court has been bought by corporate business money during the Bush ‘ago-go’ years. it doesn’t matter if the mandate is declared UC because his actions are about putting the court into the ‘light’ so that Americans can see what is going on.
    You know J Abrahams is out of jail now, wrote a book! Yeah, he is telling the whole story about lobbysts, congressmen, and eventually our high and mighty court will come into the picture. the avatar looks much like we all did in the forties and fifties…sweet and innocent but
    blind to reality. We need reform in the govenment, from the janitors to the white house. Americans on all sides better get that into their skulls, then we will get people elected who are there for all of us and not themselves.

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