Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Not What You Think

I have always had misgivings about the true intent of the “Do Gooder” group, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.  My gut kept telling me that this group was not nearly as down the middle (of the political spectrum) as they would have you believe.  After reading Media Trackers article about the group, I’ve come to the conclusion that I had good reason to doubt much of what they say.  The article enlightened me as to where more than half of their operating money comes from and after reading some quotes from Mike McCabe at a speech he gave this past February to the People’s Legislature, I’m convinced that McCabe and his organization are truly nothing more than “Partisan Hacks.”

Whatever your political stripes, I would urge you to read the article.  Find out who really supports McCabe and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.  Then the next time you hear or read a press release from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, take it with 5 Grains Salt.

Like Obama, “Ol’ Mike” likes to project the I’m for you image, when he clearly is not.

The Media Trackers article…Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Receives Half-Million From Five Radical Left-Wing Foundations


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