WEAC Loves Saul Alinsky

Apparently Wisconsin’s leftist teachers union (WEAC) Loves Saul Alinsky so much that they’ve decided to enlist the help of an organization he founded to assist in the recall of Governor Scott Walker.  According to the MacIver Institute, the leftists radicals of WEAC, are sponsoring community organizing training seminars run by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF).

From the MacIver article:  According to a website promoting the WEAC training, “The workshop will provide an overview of key concepts and critical components essential to building strong locals and connecting those locals into a broad based organization necessary to create power. Special emphasis will be placed on the identification of leaders and the creation of local allies necessary to effect change at both the local community and state levels. Participants should expect a practical interactive opportunity to learn and help shape the future organizing work of WEAC and other like-minded organizations in our state.”

My question is, does this Love for Alinsky find its way into School Classrooms?  My gut tells me it probably does,  in varying degrees, depending upon who’s teaching.  Teachers have a captive audience, control of the classroom and they determine the direction of their instruction, which I don’t have a problem with, when it’s positive.  However, we’ve all seen how radical many teachers can be during this recall process.  I can easily envision the direction of their instruction taking a “Hard Left Turn.”

I understand that not all teachers follow the WEAC line but what those teachers need to remember is that the Lefties in your ranks are painting and presenting the picture to the public of all teachers.  It’s just my opinion but I believe the picture leaves much to be desired.  Don’t let them hijack your profession.

The Father of The Radical Movement, Saul Alinsky, is not someone I would hitch my wagon to.

Read the entire MacIver Institute article here.


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