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President Obama recently asked what Jesus would do when it came to requiring higher taxes of the rich.  Since the President has injected Jesus into the conversation regarding taxes, I would like to ask President Obama, “What would Jesus think of your NON-support of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act while you were a legislator in Illinois?”  Do you think he would support your view, that it’s okay to snuff the life out of a baby that survives an abortion?  A simple yes or no is sufficient.  Teleprompter and Obama Double Speak not required.

In President Obama’s most recent press conference this past week he said that there is no place for the insensitive and derogatory remarks about women in political discussion.  The President was asked about Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” comment aimed at Sandra Fluke, the liberal woman who testified before Congress about contraception.  The President really meant that there is no place for these kinds of comments in political discussion when they’re aimed at Liberal women.  You see, President Obama thinks the world of Bill Maher, who has said tons of insensitive and derogatory things about Conservative women.  You haven’t and won’t hear President Obama denounce those comments.  That could be because Bill Maher has given a million dollars to Obama’s PAC.  The President won’t tell his PAC to return the money either.  President Obama, does the word “Hypocrite” ring a bell?  Just Asking.

What’s the appeal of Bill Maher anyway?  Have you looked at him?  Have you listened to him?  For years I have wondered why people think he is funny.  I never have, even before all these derogatory statements about Conservative women.  The guy is a sorry and sad Loser.    Maybe Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky D-Ill. likes Bill Maher.  She was in no mood to talk about him and whether he should apologize for his deameaning remarks about Conservative Women.  HotAir.Com has the story.


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