Jessica King For Jobs and Education….RIGHT!

Jessica King,  while she was running for election during the recall of State Senator Randy Hopper, said she wanted to bring jobs to the state and improve the states education system.  Somewhere along the line she must have had a change of heart.  Yesterday she voted to put the kabosh on an iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin.  A mine that would have brought thousands of jobs to the state.  Most of those jobs would be at the mine but some would have been in other parts of the state,  maybe even some in her Senate District.  The Oshkosh Corporation I’m certain could build those types of vehicles.  Keep in mind that with the current military cuts, military vehicle contracts may become scarce and Truck will need work.   Jessica instead decided to deny passage of the mining bill.  It missed passage by one vote.  She could have made it possible.

I would like to point out that, “I told you so.”  I said that Jessica wasn’t ready for prime time when she was running for election.  These jobs were extremely important to a depressed area of the state.  These were “Shovel Ready Jobs.” These were jobs that couldn’t be exported overseas.  These were jobs that would pay very well.  Jobs that would add millions of dollars to the local economies.  Jobs that would generate more tax money for better schools and education.  Schools and education that Jessica, at least said she wanted to make better.  These jobs would also alleviate the output of money the state may be sending into the area in the form of welfare.  That benefits the whole state.  You and me.

So what happened to Jessica’s ideals?  Labor unions wanted this mining bill passed….but they weren’t Government Labor Unions were they?  Was this a “payback” to Governor Walker for his sharply curtailing collective bargaining for state employee unions?  Do Democrats want to deny Governor Walker the ability to say he created jobs?  It’s pretty sad if it’s the latter reason.  Denying a depressed area jobs for pure political reasons.  Leaving the people in that area the inability to improve their lives.  Truly sad.  Or is Jessica dancing to Peter Barca’s tune?  You make the call.

In any event, Jessica King has let the people of Wisconsin down.  The mining company says this is the end.  They’re not going to be dragged into a prolonged fight to establish the mine.

According to a Tweet from the Wisconsin Reporter, Jessica said that Gogebic Mining was not committed to the project.  Say What?  This is how seriously challenged Jessica King’s business sense is.  No business is going to invest millions of dollars into establishing a business without knowing what they are up against.  They want to be sure the rules will not be changed in the middle of the game.

CERS had some thoughts on the King vote.  Here’s their link.

Senator King….Senator Jauch….Are You Listening……..Watch This……

More Wisconsin Reporter…Hurley residents comments.


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