Wisconsin’s 18th Senate Recall

As you head to the poll’s in Wisconsin’s 18th Senate District Recall Election,  ask yourself,  would you rather be staring down a $3.6 Billion debt hole or are you glad that Wisconsin has a balanced budget?  Consider the fact that the U.S.,  despite a new budget deal,  will still be adding to the National Debt (currently at 14 Trillion dollars).  It has cut the rate of growth but NOT overall growth.  In other words, no real cuts.  With America in fiscal trouble, can Wisconsin afford to be in the hole too?

The Democrat candidate in Wisconsin’s 18th Senate race, Jessica King, will bring back all the collective bargaining rights for public employee’s.  This could be very costly and (excuse me) Taxing to Wisconsin’s budget.  She also likes all the social programs.  All the things that cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.  Her tax and spend attitude will lead us back into the 3.6 billion dollar deficit hole.  Can Wisconsin afford that?  I say no.  Especially when you take into account that the National Budget continues to grow and there apparently is no will to truly make any real cuts.  Now Standard and Poors has reduced our credit rating to AA+.  Today Moodys sounded the warning again.  Even before the budget deal Moodys said they wanted to see at least $4 trillion in cuts or they might reduce our credit rating.

The recent budget deal does not quite reach $4 trillion in cuts.   America’s debt problem could cause Wisconsin huge financial problems even though we’ve balanced our budget.  That’s why it’s so important that Wisconsin have representatives in the legislature that will continue to be fiscally responsible.  Jessica King is NOT one of those people.

State Senator Randy Hopper has shown that he understands a balanced budget is important to Wisconsin.  He also knows that Wisconsin needs to attract businesses.  He has been accused of providing tax breaks to big business in a way that sounds as though he wrote them a check.  Not so.  The tax breaks are for future job development.  I have said before, No Jobs.  No Tax Breaks.  The tax breaks by the way, if I remember correctly, do sunset after a number of years.  Randy understands that we are competing with the rest of America, and in some cases maybe the world, for business.  I know it may be distasteful to some on the left, but in order to get and retain these businesses, we may have to invest in incentives.  We need the jobs.  High taxes and over regulation tends to send them on their way or stop or slow their growth.  Jobs are the answer.  More jobs means more tax revenue for Wisconsin.  More revenue is good for everyone and every social program.

Over the course of this short campaign period, I have followed rather closely, both candidates, and I am very comfortable with Randy Hopper.  He knows where Wisconsin needs to go and how to take us there.  Don’t be fooled by the Special Interest Attack Ads many of which were very personal.  Jessica King said she didn’t like the personal attacks but did you notice she did not stand up publicly and ask any of these groups to cease running them?

If you haven’t voted yet and would like to watch all of their Oshkosh debate or the interviews they each did with the Oshkosh Northwestern, here are the links.  If you’re on the fence you may wish to spot check them.  The League of Women Voters debate on the public access channel in Oshkosh was rather good and there they are asked the same questions and there is some rebuttal.  I would recommend that one.

Oshkosh Northwestern Interviews:  Hopper          King

Here’s the link to the July 19th, 2011 posting I wrote about the candidates League of Women Voters debate.  It’s similar but with slightly different information.

If you haven’t voted yet, take the time.  It’s so important…no matter which side you are on.  Vote.  This could be very close and your vote truly could be the difference.


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