Where Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Head?

She's A Beauty, A One in a Million Girl.....The Tubes

Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for real?  How can this gal be so oblivious to the condition of the economy?  Blind?  Ill-informed?  Asleep?  Mentally Challenged?  You make the call.  Wasserman-Schultz has said again, …that we’ve really begun to turn the economy around.”  You may recall she said that a couple months back and that’s when the economy got even worse.  You might want to hang on tight now.

Since when is 18,000 new jobs (last month) turning things around?  That 18,000 jobs I believe will be revised down, just like the 54,000 new jobs from the month before was revised to 39,000.

The unemployment rate for June was 9.2%.  Actually probably much higher when you factor in those that have given up looking for work.

From Kiplinger.com concerning our economic outlook:

Although we think growth will continue, the economy is just one shock away  from another recession. A second straight quarter of meager growth is  raising concerns. Most startling in the numbers released by the Commerce  Department is a revision that takes first quarter GDP after inflation to only  0.4% growth, from a previous estimate of 1.9%. The second quarter estimate is  1.3%.

History shows there’s reason to worry. Since the 1940s, when GDP growth over  a 12-month span slows to a crawl of 2%, the economy usually slides into a  subsequent recession.

Sorry Debbie but Kiplinger doesn’t seem to be jumping for joy and even Obama’s former economic adviser Larry Sommers seems to be hedging his bets just a little bit.  More about Debbie and Larry can be found at HotAir.com. 

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz where are you?  It certainly can’t be here.  Just Asking.


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