Born At The Right Time

Today the House of Representatives in the United States voted to pass its debt ceiling bill.  It now moves on to the Senate tomorrow (8-2-2011).  This bill is not what I would have wanted.  It’s better than nothing but America is still spending way too much.  Serious cuts in spending have to be made to have a chance at not collapsing our economy.  All we have done today is AGAIN, “Kick The Can Down The Road.”  I love saying that because we kick the can down the road so well.

I really feel sorry for our children and our childrens children and their children.  They are the ones who will pay for our fiscal failings.

My purpose here is not to write about the budget.  I wanted to think about something else for a change so I began escaping into YouTube.  While searching, I remembered an English band from my time in the Navy.  I was stationed in Scotland for two years.  It was Great.  The Scots are a Proud and Friendly people.

The band I remembered was called Lindisfarne.  Their album, Nicely Out Of Tune, was one of the first albums I bought while there.  Lindisfarne is named after a small island of the Northeast coast of England.  Centuries ago it was inhabited by monks.  I think they were raided at some point by the Vikings.  Currently, the island is home to less than 200 people, if I’m not mistaken.

Lindisfarne put out numerous albums.  I think the band was more popular however as a live band.  They were led by singer songwriter Alan Hull.  Hull passed away some time back.  The band, as far as I know, is not currently together.  I believe they actually disbanded back in late 2003 or early 2004.

While searching YouTube I came across a couple Lindisfarne cuts from the live DVD Rock of The North.  There are two cuts from the DVD posted on YouTube.  The very popular Lady Eleanor is on YouTube.  Lady Eleanor was on my Nicely Out Of Tune Album.  The quality is excellent.  The video begins with live shots of the island Lindisfarne with the original members of the band walking along the shoreline.  The actual video of the band playing is with the members who were there at the end.  In the video there are only two original members of Lindisfarne.  As I understand it, the drummer, Ray Laidlaw is original and so is the guitar and mandolin player Rod Clements.

The other Lindisfarne tune on YouTube is Born At The Right Time.  I love it.  It’s a feel good song.  It’s one of those songs, that for me, I can’t get out of my head.  Billy Mitchell sings lead on this song and does such a fantastic job with it too.  Take time to listen and see if you agree.  The lyrics captured my thoughts as well.  With our fiscal problems, my thoughts often turn to our young folks and how hard it may be for them to be financially secure.  They will be subjected to very heavy taxes to pay off our incredible debt.  So, maybe I, was Born At The Right Time.

There are other Lindisfarne videos and postings on YouTube.  We Can Swing Together, from Nicely Out Of Tune, is there.  This is another of my favorite Lindisfarne songs.

The Lindisfarne website is kept up to date.  It keeps very good track of what past members are up to these days.  Some still tour.  Others work in film etc.

Do you think you were Born At The Right Time?  Just Asking.


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