The Mack Penny Plan

As the government fiddles with its debt plan, America edges ever closer to The Great Abyss.  Cut, Cap and Balance wouldn’t fly.  The Boehner Plan is having acceptance problems as well.  The Democrat Plan?  There is no Democrat Plan.  Surprise Surprise.  Harry Reid says he has a plan but it hasn’t seen the light of day.  I don’t believe Harry has a plan.

There is a plan out there that is pretty simple to understand for those of us that get lost in the numbers.  It’s the Mack Penny Plan.  It calls for the federal government to stay at this years current level of spending and then reduce the Baseline Budgeting from an average of 7.5% rate of growth every year to Zero percent beginning next year. Then a 1% cut each year for the next 6 years.  One Cent out of every dollar!  Is that so hard?  It’s estimated by the CBO that it would cut about 9.7 trillion dollars over ten years.  Because Baseline Budgeting would be finished, these 1% cuts would be actual cuts.  The government could average them out between departments however they wanted or needed to.  Some could get a little more than the previous years, some a little less.

Boehners Plan doesn’t even cut 1 trillion over 10 years.  We currently borrow 100 billion dollars every 20 days.  At that rate we will have borrowed nearly double (1.7 trillion dollars) in One Year what the Boehner Bill cuts (917 billion dollars. not real cuts) in 10 years!  Only in Government can you get away with this kind of Crap.

I have to go to work now.  My question is:  Will we continue to kick the can down the road?  Of course we will.  It’s For The Children.  Right?   Just Asking.

Update:  8/4/11

I never thought that Lanny Davis, Bill Clintons Special Counsel from 1996-1998,  and I would agree on anything, but Lanny thinks the Mack Penny Plan has merits and ought to be seriously considered.

Lanny says: “In this time of crisis — and I believe our national debt is a genuine and
historic crisis — we need members like Connie Mack who know how to reach across the aisle, as I have seen him do many times, to find common solutions. “

“The Mack Penny Plan deserves serious consideration — as serious as the
man who proposed it.”

Here’s a link to Lanny’s article at

More Mack Penny

From Newsvine:  Mack Penny


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