Jessica King – Most Certainly Not Ready For Primetime

After watching the debate Monday evening between State Senator Randy Hopper and his challenger Jessica King, one thing is certain, Jessica King is most certainly Not Ready For Primetime.  King is challenging Hopper in the 18th Senate District recall election.  Hopper narrowly defeated ( 200 votes) King in the last general election.

At times during the debate, it seemed as though Jessica was dazed or confused.  At one point, while trying to score a point against Hopper, she cited a bill he had authored that had apparently provided some tax benefit or something to insurance companies and she got lost in her thought.  It was funny.  She said something like, “…or at least there wasn’t when he introduced it.” (then struggled for her thoughts and flipped through papers before moving on still struggling for her thoughts) then said, “… Do as I say not as I do.”  (Listen to it here. Begin at the 13:00 mark.) When Hopper replied, he told her she was right.  It was a bad bill and that he pulled it.  It was not voted on.

Another time she casually threw in that some wealthy people didn’t pay taxes.  Democrats and unions allege that Hopper didn’t pay taxes for nine years.  If this is true, was it in an illegal way?  Just because he took advantage of any loopholes doesn’t make him a crook.  I noticed she didn’t cite any examples.  I don’t like the loopholes either but if they’re there, I’m pretty sure that anyone else would take advantage of them too.

It was clear that King has absolutely zero understanding of why businesses are so important to every level of government.  It’s really elementary.  Without business there are no jobs.  Without jobs there is no revenue for government.  Without revenue there are no government services.

King, like all the Special Interest Ads running on her behalf, like to rail on Hopper about extending tax breaks to business, while cutting or holding steady on other services.  What King and her Sugar Daddy Special Interest groups fail to tell you, is that these breaks are given for New Job GenerationNo New Jobs, No Tax Break.  Simple actually. The idea is to bring to or expand businesses in the Badger State.  Remember, the more jobs Wisconsin has the more revenue it can generate for its government.  If Wisconsin can create more tax payers it may be able to replace any cut revenue or expand programs and seriously begin to work on the states infrastructure.  Job growth is the key to providing Wisconsinites with a stronger state, economically and socially as well.  By socially, I mean that more jobs will translate into less people needing government assistance and at the same time more available money for the programs for those who, for whatever reason, may continue to need assistance.  The education dollars Jessica King wants will be available as well.  It all comes down to jobs.

Whether Jessica King or the special interest groups supporting her like it or not, Wisconsin is in a bidding war for businesses.  Because of Wisconsins high tax rates and over regulation, many businesses have left the state.  Governor Walker is simply trying to create a business friendly atmosphere.  Within the business community it seems it may be paying off:  “…a ranking of the best and worst states for business was released by Chief Executive Magazine, which was based on a survey of more than 500 CEOs who considered a criteria ranging from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment.  This annual ranking shows that Wisconsin, who in 2010 was ranked the 41st best state to do business in, jumped more than any other state in the nation to 24th best state in 2011.”

I understand that cuts in rates of growth or cuts period, are no fun.  The fact is that Wisconsin was headed into a $3.6 Billion dollar debt hole.  It’s better to deal with it now than “kick the can down the road” as everyone likes to say.  The practice nationally has been to kick that can down the road for decades and now we are truly in an abysmal state.  We continually raise the debt limit because no one wants to say no.  If we don’t seriously make a move on controlling the debt nationally now, when all comes crashing down, what Wisconsin does may not matter.  Our children are going to look at us with that, “how could you do this to us?” look.  I would hope that young people would be happy that Governor Walker took bold action to get the budget in order.  If they plan on living in Wisconsin, they would be on the hook for the state debt.

If elected, Jessica King has said she is in favor of reinstating collective bargaining for state employees.  There is no doubt that she will vote to expand all social programs.  Maybe even create some new ones.  Raising taxes will no doubt be a huge part of her plan as well.  Is this really what Wisconsin should do before it fully recovers from its economic illness?  It’s my belief that Governor Walker’s budget and plan for Wisconsin should be given a fair chance.  Wisconsin will need time to fully recover.

Sadly, Jessica King and her Leftist Union Friends apparently don’t care about Wisconsin as an economically sound state.  They are in full Recall mode.  They have nothing on their minds except overturning a legal election.  If they succeed, hang on to your wallets and prepare to again begin “kicking the can down the road.”

The question is, how long will Wisconsin be able to “kick the can down the road?”  Just Asking.


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