Sorry Granny, Grandpa, No Social Security Guarantee

Leave it to Obama and the Democrats to scare the “dickens” out of the elderly.  The President this past week had to tell America’s Grandma’s and Grandpa’s that they may not get their Social Security checks if the debt limit isn’t raised.  The so called “deadline” for that is August 2nd.  Social Security day is August 3rd.

Don’t be fooled by the debt limit deadline.  Of course you want the deal done by August 2nd but it is not the end of the world if it isn’t.  The government can function for some time beyond that date.  Everyday the government has money coming in.  They must simply begin to prioritize what they pay for.  Obviously, Social Security folks, Veterans, etc. must and should be given top priority.  The government, by instituting these programs, basically created a pacted or contract with the program participants.  None payment, if not illegal, is certainly morally wrong.  Not that “morals” are running rampant in today’s government.

Obama saw a chance to put pressure on the Republicans by saying he could not guarantee Social Security payments.  Obama, is after all,  a political oportunist.  I think this could backfire.  Yesterday I had an elderly person (Obama Voter…he told me so) ask why Obama would say something like that.  He’s aware that the government will still have money and he believes like many folks,  that Social Security money is in a “Lockbox” or some account with their names on it.  As you may or may not know, the government has borrowed that money and in turn basically given the trust fund IOU’s.  The IOU’s are not worth much if the government is broke.  Right?

With the recent government debt problems, this might be a good time to look at revamping Social Security.  Everyone says that the stock market is not a good place for Social Security money BUT look who’s having major money problems now.  Until the government can learn to live within its means, anyone who depends on the government for anything had better be aware that at anytime it could grind to halt for a while.

While listening to Charlie Sykies yesterday on WTMJ Radio (620 he said something that is just so true, “…if you rely on the political class, you are a hostage of the political class.”  I thought the statement was dead on.  If at all possible, one should do their best,  to not rely on the government for anything.


From James in Georgia here is a link to an interesting article about the Social Security Non-Guarantee.  Thanks James.

More information and a clip of Obama making his statement.

Senator Ron Johnson R-WI. on Obama Social Security comment.


3 Responses to “Sorry Granny, Grandpa, No Social Security Guarantee”

  1. You may find this column, “No guarantees on getting social Security check,” of interest. As a matter of law, Social Security retirement benefits are not guaranteed – in fact, quite the opposite. See

  2. Thanks James. I found the article quite interesting. I have copied your link to the end of my post in the hope that people will click on it and read the article.

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