Harvard Study – July 4th + Republicans = Patriotism

4th of July Parade

What we all knew,  has now been confirmed by Harvard University, America’s Fourth of July parades are really for the benefit of the Republican Party.  A recently released study from Harvard says that Fourth of July parades pump up Republicans, turn kids into Republicans and helps to turn out Republicans on election days!

The survey also said that Republicans (or the right if you will) have claimed patriotism and they consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats.  Nothing surprising here.  I can understand this, especially when you consider that the current Democrat in the White House has travelled the world apologizing for all the evil America has spread over the planet.

Remember too, that it isn’t Republicans burning, crapping or pissing on the flag and all it represents.  Don’t get me wrong, there are very very many patriotic Democrats, but the breakdown in respect for the flag and America falls within their ranks not the Republicans.

One of the main findings in the report is that attending Fourth of July Parades:  “…raises the likelihood that parade watchers will vote for a Republican candidate by 4 percent.”  Here is a link to a short article in US News and World Report about the Harvard Report.

Key findings of report.

What do you think?  Hogwash or some truth?  Just Asking.


2 Responses to “Harvard Study – July 4th + Republicans = Patriotism”

  1. There may be a correlation, but this study seems to be making a stretch. It is a common mistake of researchers to assume that the correlation they find constitutes a causal relationship.

    • Hi David, I agree with what you said. I don’t put much stock in it either. Being a conservative however, I thought I would take it and run with it. It’s one for the Plus Column from what I consider a liberal institution. Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy reading your blog. I wish I could write more like you….brief and to the point. I tend to get on a ramble. People that read blogs want it short and to the point. Have A Great Fourth of July.

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