Senator Ron Johnson R-Wi. “It’s Time To Get Serious about this.”

Senator Ron Johnson R-Wi. has been in Washington nearly six months and he says that in that time “…the U. S. Senate has accomplished virtually nothing. ”   He added, “It’s time to get serious about this.”  “This,” meaning the budget.  Johnson spoke out on the eve of the Senate adjourning for the Fourth of July holiday.  He and 8 or 9 other Republican senators want the Senate to remain in session working on the budget.

The key sticking point is increasing the debt limit.  Simply stated Republicans want cuts and Democrats want to spend more.  In the mean time it’s possible that we could default on our debts which would no doubt seriously damage our credit rating.  I think it’s possible that we could continue on for a small amount of time.  We would have to pay the interest on our loans and do some serious prioritizing of what we will pay.

In any event, it’s good to see Senator Johnson and some of his peers attempting to hold Harry Reid’s feet to the fire.  Actually even Obama said today that the House and Senate should remain in session.  Of course they should, they are charged with formulating a budget and when we are nearing the end of the timeline to get it done, they need to get it done!

You may have heard that on Tuesday June 28th, 2011, Senator Johnson took to the Senate floor and told the Senate that unless they began to work on the budget in the open and not behind closed doors, he would withold consent.  By doing that, it basically means, if the senate attempts to do anything but work on the budget, he would not give consent to do so.  This would throw an obstacle in the way of any other Senate business.   Again, this was another little way of holding Harry’s feet to the fire.  It should be noted, that Senator Johnson, has temporarily backed off from witholding consent.  I am not sure what happened here but I believe he must have been convinced that things are close to being agreed to.  I did read that he has reserved the right to go ahead with his witholding consent if he deems it necessary.  I was slightly disappointed with this developement.  We will wait and see what happens.

A Big Tip Of The Brim to Senator Johnson.  Thank You.

What do you think?   Should the debt limit be increased?  At this point, do you think witholding consent would be a good thing?  Just Asking.

Senator Johnson talking on the senate floor about “Witholding Consent.”


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