Here Come The Mummies

Have you discovered Here Come The Mummies yet?  It was about a year ago I found out about HCTM.  I ran into an old audiophile friend of mine and as we talked about music, he told me he was going to a Here Come The Mummies concert.  I said, “Who?”  He told me that they had a very good following in the south and midwest.

That same evening I remembered our conversation and thought I would look them up on Youtube.  I found numerous postings from their appearances on the Bob and Tom show.  Bob and Tom like them so much, they performed at Bob’s 60th birthday party.  Bob and Tom regularly have musicians perform live in their studios.

Here Come The Mummies at Bob Kevoians (Bob and Tom) 60th Birthday Party

I was surprised at what I found.  These guys, even though their dress (they are wrapped as mummys) says “Gimmick” loudly, they are incredibly good musicians.  If you were to see them without hearing them, you’d ask “What the heck?”

The band has a Funk R and B sound.  Since they have two trumpet players and two sax players, they have a prominent brass sound.  I like it.  I was amazed at how tight these guys are.  Very professional.  Besides being great musicians, HCTM are good entertainers as well.  They’re a great live band.

Many of their song lyrics contain double entendre with a sexual overtone.  If you are easily offended they may not be for you.  I found their lyrics funny.  I would urge you to listen to a song or two and decide for yourself.

Rumor has it that Here Come The Mummies wrap themselves in mummy attire to hide their identities because some are under contract to record companies.  This alleviates the legal hassles.  Another rumor is that there are a couple Grammy winners in the band.  In what category those Grammys were received is not known.  Again, this is all hearsay.  I have no idea whether any of that is true.  It does however, make for a great background story.

HCTM are based out of Nashville, TN.  This might explain why they are such great musicians.  My guess is that all, or at least some, were session musicians that got together and Here Come The Mummies is the result.  Again just my thought.

I liked the band so much I purchased their dvd, Undead Live.  It’s very good.  I’m not disappointed.

When you get some time check out the Bob and Tom videos posted on Youtube.  As you watch, keep in mind what you’re watching was done Live in studio.

Here Come The Mummies

Here Come The Mummies “Pants” on Bob and Tom

Here Come The Mummies “Booty” Live On The Green

If you watched any of the youtube vids, did you like or dislike?  Just Asking.


2 Responses to “Here Come The Mummies”

  1. I discovered this band a year ago listening to Bob & Tom’s morning show. While I thought they were just a gimmick band with a funny song called “Pants”, I couldn’t help but notice the talent. A little research later and I own all their CD’s, the DVD and other Mummies gear. Quickly became my favorite band.

    • I only learned of HCTM about 7 or 8 months ago. My friend has seen them numerous times and loves them. He said their live shows are Great! That would appear to be correct. When you watch the Bob and Tom Videos and the Undead Live DVD you can see that. They seem to really enjoy what they are doing. Have you heard any “real” names of the members? The lead singer seems familiar to me but it may be that I just want to say, “Hey, I Know that guy.” I blogged about HCTM because I wanted to share my interest in them. Thanks for stopping by. Best Wishes.

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