Avon Calling or The Union?

Wisconsin state employee and teacher unions fought hard to keep Wisconsin’s new Collective Bargaining bill from being enacted.  The bill will become law on June 29th, 2011.  Unions didn’t like it that the bill takes away their ability to bargain for benefits.  They may bargain for wages.  The bill also will allow the state to stop collecting union dues.  Currently Wisconsin deducts union dues from an employee’s paycheck then forwards that money on to the unions.  Unions fear that by not deducting that money, they may not get it.  It’s possible many employee’s may choose not to contribute.

Unions rely on that money to grease the wheels of democracy and send it their way with favorable legislation.  We have all seen, especially in the last few years, how much money is used to grease those wheels.  In the 2008 election, unions coughed up 61 million dollars in political donations with most ($55.7 million) going to Democrats and $5 million to Republicans.  Greasing could become seriously hampered if employee’s choose not to contribute.

Apparently in Wisconsin the SLUE (Southern Lakes United Educators), are worried about getting those dues.  While listening to Charlie Sykes on WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee this morning, he talked about a letter that the SLUE has sent to its members.  The letter is soliciting volunteers (paid) to go Door To Door to remind people that haven’t signed up that they need to authorize an Electronic Funds Transfer to The Union.

So, if you’ve chosen to not sign up (contribute),  and the door bell rings and it’s Not Avon Calling but it’s The Union with a friendly reminder, to sign up (contribute) how might you feel?  Coerced?  Threatened? Intimidated?  Just Asking.

Here is a link to a very short article with Union contributions for the 2008 election:  http://www.aier.org/research/briefs/868-big-labor-also-expects-a-bailout

Here is a link to the SLUE letter to its members.  It’s at Sykes Writes:  http://www.620wtmj.com/blogs/charliesykes/123950904.html


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