Blessed Lawnmower Runs Great!

Do blessings and prayers work?  Well, this afternoon my four year old  MTD Yard Machine Lawnmower decided it was not going to start.  When I finished using it about a week ago, it was running fine.

The problem?  First it just didn’t seem to want to fire.  I kept pulling the recoil cord with no results.  Then suddenly that did’t want to work.  It would move 2 to 4 inches and that was it.  I kept tugging it with short little jerks to get it to go further but again with no results.  Then I decided to take it apart and look at it.  Not that I could do anything with it.  I’m pretty much a “Zero” when it comes to mechanical stuff but I thought it was worth a look.  Perhaps I could save myself a few bucks.

I sat in my driveway working on it.  The shaft seemed to turn rather hard.  I thought maybe when I put oil in it the last time I used it, that maybe I grabbed the wrong stuff and it seized up a little.  If there is such a thing as, a little seize up.  Anyway, I double checked that.  I used the correct oil.  Finally I thought, I would just put it back together.  I resigned myself to the fact that I would just go buy another one.  This one was only $149.00  Taking it to get repaired probably would have cost me 75 or $100.00.  We have pretty much become a throwaway society with so many things because repair costs come close to the cost of buying another new item.

As I’m replacing the screws to the cover, a nun passing by on the sidewalk stops and asked me if I was having trouble.  I said yes.  She asked me if I wanted her to bless the lawnmower.  I said that I didn’t think that would do any good and added that for some reason it just didn’t want to run.  We chatted briefly about the weather and as she started to walk away she said that she would say a prayer for my lawnmower and me as she walked down the street.  I thanked her and told her to have a nice evening.

The Sister was probably 75 to 100 yards away when I got up and pulled the cord.  It pulled perfectly and the mower started right up!  I thought OMG!  I wonder?  Could it be?  I watched, to see if she heard it but I don’t believe so, she just kept going and never looked back.

No, I didn’t run after her.  I did quickly step inside my house to tell the Mrs. of my experience.  She looked at me with a big smile.

I didn’t run after the her since she lives just down the block with another sister and they pass by regularly on their way to their convent a few blocks away.  I will tell her at the next opportunity.

Sooo, was it Coincidence OR the Real Deal?

Just Asking.


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