May Jobs +54,000 Unemployment 9.1%

With only 54,000 jobs added to the economy in May, Friday June 3rd is not starting out as a good day for President Obama, the Economy or America.  To make matters worse, the April and May job numbers were revised down 39,000.  I hate the way the media and government use the words “expected/unexpected” but they were “expecting” jobs numbers to be well over the 100,000 mark.  More like 125,000 to 150,000.

Unemployment is now at 9.1%.  This doesn’t fair well for the Obama Administration either.  This means that there are nearly 14 million people unemployed.

I found this, interesting in a piece by Ed Morrissey, at  Remember the “Recovery Summer?”  Well, here:

“…the workforce level in May 2011 is still more than 500,000 fewer people than a year ago, when the Obama administration tried selling its “Recovery Summer” campaign.”

I won’t ramble on about the numbers except to say that it is so important that we get these things turned around.  Higher taxes and deficit spending are not the way to do it.  The ‘O” needs to show private business that he is responsible on matters of the budget and that private business does NOT need to be looking over their shoulders for “game changing” laws in the “middle of the game.”  Businesses like stability.  What’s good for business is also good for America.  Thriving businesses mean more jobs.  More jobs means more workers,  which equal more Tax Dollars, which means America can pay its bills!

Read the Ed Morrissey piece carefully.  It’s filled with numbers, none of which are really good.  It’s important that everyone understand what is at stake here.  America and the American way of life.

Higher taxes?  Is that the answer?  Just Asking.

Update:  6/3/11  11:33 a.m. Just thought you should know…..Stocks fell sharply Friday after a jarringly weak report on employment worsened concerns that the economic recovery is losing steam.  Here’s the story:


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