Ryan, Medicare, and the Presidential Nomination

Since it’s readily apparent that there aren’t any Republicans who understand (or refuse to take a stand) on Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to revamp Medicare, Congressman Ryan needs to step into the Republican Presidential Nomination Race.  He’s the one taking all the hits in this process.  He thoroughly knows and can explain the plan in a unique and easy to understand way.  He emphasizes to those already on and those about to enter into medicare that the plan will remain as it is.  It’s the people under 55 years of age that will be affected.  If you are under 55 and you want some kind of benefit when your time comes around, things need to change.  America is about ready to bite the big one and Democrats have only one plan, that’s to demagogue Congressman Ryan’s Plan.  To get our budget under control, it’s essential that entitlement plans be on the table and subject to revisions, cuts and means testing.  If America won’t accept that, then Que Sera Sera.

As I have said before, Congressman Ryan in the Presidential race is Obama’s worst nightmare.  It’s my belief that there is no one the “O” fears more.  Ryan can go “toe to toe” with the “O”.

Here is a link to Congressman Ryan discussing his Medicare Plan:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJIC7kEq6kw  It’s definitely worth a watch.

UPDATE:  8/16/11

So, will he or won’t he?  Apparently after Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels decided not to run, Congressman Ryan at that point, really began to give a Presidential run serious consideration.  More about that here from Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Stnadard.

Ed Morissey at HotAir.com has a take on a possible Ryan run as well.  I’m not sure whether I agree with it or not but I respect Morissey’s opinion.

From Outside the Beltway.com.

With so many candidates now in the field, where do you stand?

Just Asking.


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