Republican Presidential Nominee…In or Not In Yet?

In the latest edition of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol says that Ed Gillespie is wrong when he says that the Republican Presidential nominee is in the current field of candidates (as of 5-23-11).  Kristol thinks, as I do, that the eventual nominee has not yet entered the race.  Perhaps that’s wishful thinking on our parts.

Those not currently running include, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.  Ryan and Christie both have said that they are not running nor do they plan to.  I haven’t heard much about Bush.  Perry rumblings are being heard on the street.  Palin, I think, will get in before too long.  Apparently,  she recently purchased  a home in Arizona, which leads some to believe that she is nearing an announcement.  Some also speculate that she might run for Arizona Senator Jon Kyl’s seat.

I’m not sure if it’s Bill Kristol’s opinion that we need a very dynamic, intelligent, commonsense kind of person as a nominee or not.  It is mine.  It’s imperative that this person has a plan/vision for America.  It’s essential, for everyone’s well being,  that the plan brings America back from the precipice of bankruptcy.  If that can’t be done….  Need I say more?

If you have read some of my other posts, you will know that I’m a fan of Paul Ryan.  Congressman Ryan is a very intelligent, sincere, commonsense kind of guy.  In budget matters, there is no one better.  Ask Obama.  Remember when “O” held his one day budget summit, Paul Ryan talked circles around him.  Infact, I think Ryan was the victim of the O’s stare!  Ryan has the ability to explain his plan in layman terms.  He can bring his explanation down to the lowest common denominator, the individual.  What I like to call the, “What would you do, if you were personally in this situation?” explanation. Or, “What would happen to you if spent yourself into oblivion?”

If you watched Meet The Press yesterday (5-22-11), you saw how Congressman Ryan is quick on his feet and is able to competently answer questions concerning the budget.  If you get a chance, watch it online or at least some clips from the show.  You will see a man who truly believes in what he’s doing.  If you’ve heard all the scare stories about his plan when it comes to Medicare, please make an effort to seek out his plan and as many arguments for and against it, before you simply say “No Way.”  You may be surprised.

Here is the link to the MTP interview:  Watch it.  You will see a man who believes in what he is saying, not a man playing politics.

I hesitate to bring this up but….  Besides being intelligent, quick thinking, and full of commonsense, Congressman Ryan is energetic, good looking and has what I would, call a young “all American” family.  Infact, his primary reason for not running for president, is more than likely his family.  He cherishes his time with his wife and children.  Another reason would be he feels very dedicated to the budget.  He knows way more than anyone else in government about budget matters.  He is the Republican point man on the budget and it would be extemely hard to replace him.

Yes, in the last paragraph I did say “good looking.”  I hated to say that but there are those to who looks matter.  I know it’s stupid but to some it does.  In some way it reminds me of the Nixon-Kennedy debates.  Anyone who listened to the debates on the radio gave the debate to Nixon.  If they watched the debate on television, they said Kennedy won.  Why?  Because on TV Nixon looked nervous and sweaty.  The younger Kennedy was good looking and poised.  Kennedy, as you know, went on to win the Presidency.  Kennedy had TV hair! (Very Important)  Paul Ryan has TV hair too!

For the record, I would enthusiastically support Chris Christie,  however as I mentioned he has said he is not running.  He feels obligated to the people of New Jersey that elected him.  He has made great progress with that states budget.  Some think he could change his mind if he is able to get a few more things accomplished in New Jeresey.  I like Governor Christie’s no nonsense approach to government and the Press.  He simply doe not let them push him around or put words in his mouth.  In a word, it’s Refreshing!

Jeb Bush?  Will America tolerate another Bush?  I could live with Jeb Bush but I’m not sure how the independents would receive him.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas.  I really don’t know much about Governor Perry but he has “the look” too!  I have heard that he has Texas tooling right along.  That is cetainly a plus but I need to know more.

Sarah Palin.  Sarah has that ability to rally the troops so to speak.  She has done so much for the conservative movement.  I like the fact that she has some executive experience and has the drive and determination to do whatever it takes to make a run.  She and her family have been so vilified in the press that she may be damaged goods.  Much like Newt was when he was Speaker of the House.  If the Republican masses choose Sarah I will support her.  She is not my first, second or third choice.  I say, go for Arizona Senator Kyl’s seat or maybe a VP slot.

If you’re Conservative, who is your choice?  Liberal?  Do you still like Obama or would you like to see him challenged?  Just Asking.

Here’s the Bill Kristol article.

Palin speculation:


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