How About Spending CUTS and NO Taxes?

Hey Washington!  How about spending cuts and no taxes for a budget cycle?  Let us catch our breath out here!  You have heard it before but evidently it isn’t sinking into your pointy heads, for every dollar extra in taxes you take from John and Jane Doe, you are limiting their ability to purchase goods and services.  Goods and Services that Employ people.  Employed people equals more tax dollars for the government.  That just doesn’t seem to be getting through the thick skulls in Washington.  At a minimum how about leaving spending levels where they are for a budget cycle or two?  Geez!  We’re taxed on just about everything we do.  If it’s not a tax, it’s a “fee!”  The next best thing to a tax.

One has to wonder when the day will come that we’ll be taxed for taking more than one crap a day!  A “Crap Tax” would break Washington (Lots of Crap there) so they of course would be exempt.  Lots of Hot Air in Washington too, so that won’t be taxed.  Washington would not however, have to be exempted from a “Commonsense Tax,” there is none there.  The politicians also don’t have to worry about instituting a “Balls Tax.”  No Balls in Washington either!  As for the rest of the country, if you have “Balls” and don’t want your taxes to rise, hide you balls or toss them away!  I suppose it won’t be long before we begin to wear a device that measures the amount of air we breath on a daily basis so that air can be taxed.  Sounds stupid I know,  but we’re so broke and no one wants to stop spending, I figure these idiots will consider anything to confiscate more of our hard earned money.

Today I read that the Senate, led by that great thinker,  Harry Reid, is about to propose 2 trillion dollars in spending cuts but also 2 trillion dollars in Tax Increases!  Hopefully this kind of crap doesn’t see the light of day.  It’s always more money from less and less taxpayers.  Anyone have any ideas as to the date we begin to have our checks sent directly to Washington so they can decide how much we should get?  Just Asking.


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