Last night I finished watching the first season of the FX Channels, Damages.  The show stars Glenn Close as Patti Hewes, a hard nosed lawyer out to win at all costs.  Glenn Close does such a super job with this role.  Ted Danson also stars in the series as Arthur Frobisher a very rich businessman who survived a government corruption investigation.  Now he is in the sights of the obsessed lawyer Patti Hewes, who will stop at nothing to nail his hide.

The show is well written and edited in a manner that flashes you back to the past then back to the present often.  You must pay attention to keep up, but that wasn’t a problem for me.  I thought it was great.  Damages is one of those series that you can’t wait for the next episode to arrive.  Somewhat like Lost was to millions of fans around the world.  If you like a show where the plot keeps you going whoa!, you will probably like Damages.

I am late to the party as usual.  Damages is about to begin its fourth season.  I believe the first two were on the FX Channel, then from what I understand Direct TV signed up to continue it for two more seasons.  The Fourth Season begins this summer (2011) on Direct TV.

I just thought I would share the fact that the show (in my opinion) is very good.  Perhaps you might like to watch an episode, then maybe tell me I am full of crap!  You can watch a free episode on line at http://www.damagestv.com/ .  I have Netflix and it’s available as of this date 5-12-11 as an instant play.  You can also download it on itunes.

Wikipedia has a description of each seasons plot line.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damages_(TV_series)

Tomorrow I start Season Two!


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