Gotta Love Wisconsin Democrats

You just have to love Wisconsin’s Democrats.  While they’re busy complaining and looking for fraud in the recent State Supreme Court election, they say nothing about their own fraud.  It was reported today in Oshkosh that a former school board members signature was forged on a Recall Randy Hopper petition.  Hoppers recall petition was certified today as having enough valid signatures for his recall.  Though only one forged signature was found, you have to wonder how many were not.  The Democrats silence on todays news is deafening.  Not a word.  Not even from the “I Can’t Wait To Shout Fraud” Mike Tate, their State Chairman.

Tate had no problem speaking up when some Green Bay Democrats said they were fooled into signing a petition to recall their State Senator, Dave Hansen.  He sent the troops out to start calling everyone who signed the recall petition.  My personal thought on this supposed deception issue is that it was a Democrat orchestrated plan to disrupt and cast doubt on the validity of the Hansen Recall movement.

You may remember that back in the 2000 election those “fraud crying Democrats” were trading “Smokes For Votes” in Milwaukee.  You can find out more about that here:  In this same article you will read about voting multiple times and about being told who to vote for.

In the 2008 election the Community Voters Project pops into the picture.  Apparently workers for this group were to obtain voter registrations.  They were to get at least 15 per day in order to be paid.  Workers began to make up names and addresses to submit to the city.  More about this can be found here:

In 2004 there were the tire slashings of Republican Vans in Milwaukee:

As I mentioned earlier, Wisconsin Dems are busy seeking out fraud in the State Supreme Court election.  All counties in the Badger State have been recounted as of today with the exception of the heavily conservative Waukesha County.  About a third of it has been recounted.  The county has been given an extended deadline to complete the recount.  A judge has extended the recount deadline until May 26th, 2011.  That is 2 and a half weeks more!  The Kloppenburg campaign says it is very concerned about unsealed bags.  The bags they are concerned about are actually not unsealed.  Because of the weight of the ballots in the bag, they sometimes become a bit loose, so it is not as tightly sealed as you might like.  They are not however, OPEN or UNSEALED as the Kloppenburg folks would like you to believe.  JoJo, just count the votes.  You’ll be surprised how the numbers will match those that were reported the evening of the election.  Unless the Kloppenburg campaign is intent on tossing out just under 7000 votes, she LOST!  This whole recount and challenge anything and everything is probably designed to, not only waste taxpayer money but waste time.  By wasting time,  I mean that if they can keep Prosser off the bench for the challenge to Governor Walkers Collective Bargaining law for state employees, they may be able to get either,  a ruling against it from the High Court,  or a tie.  A tie would mean that the case would revert back to a lower court for resolution.  At least that’s how I understand it.  The lower court would be in the overwhelmingly liberal Dane County.  WALAH…..DEFEAT for Walker!  A Win for The Unions!

This makes sense to me,  because like virtually all good Democrats, Kloppenburg has basically prostituted herself out to the unions for their votes and money.  During the campaign Kloppenburg sent the right signals to the unions.  Now she is continuing this recount with practically no way of winning. Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal says it would be very tough:

“With the recount in the April 5 Supreme Court race now complete in every county but Waukesha, JoAnne Kloppenburg has sliced a mere 355 votes off David Prosser’s lead of 7,316 votes, underscoring the extreme odds against Kloppenburg emerging victorious in the fiercely contested judicial contest.”

“In effect, Kloppenburg would have to gain 6,962 votes in one county – Waukesha – after gaining a tiny fraction of that in the recount of all the state’s other counties.”

The complete article is here:

So, is Joanne Kloppenburg in the recount to Win It or Just Draw The Recount Out long enough to produce a desired outcome for the unions in the collective bargaining battle?  Just Asking.

Update:  5/11/2011

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal,,,,A Waste of Time?


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