GutsyCall.Com Takes You To BarackObama.Com…Say What?

Yes it’s true. directs you to  I haven’t checked but apparently the domain name has been registered anonymously.  So who’s afraid to register with their name, anonymous or Obama?  What’s the big deal?  Personally, I’ll concede that it was a very tough call for Obama to make.  If you want we can call it “gutsy.”  It certainly cannot be easy to send people into a situation from which they may not return.  The President  should be very appreciative of the Navy Seals and all the other intelligence and support services involved with this successful operation.  In my opinion however, Obama was between a rock and a hard place with this decision.  This raid and everything remotely involved with it go against what Obama stands for.  Obama found waterboarding offensive.  Waterboarding provided valuable information about Osama’s courier, who they used to find Osama.  Covertly entering a soverign nation and killing an alleged terrorist and others, including what may have been innocent members of Osama’s family doesn’t sound like something Obama would do.  Before you get all jacked up, I used the word “alleged” terrorist facetiously,  because as you know, Obama preferred trials for these folks.  So in that sense, even though Osama has admitted conducting terrorist acts, he is innocent until proven guilty by trial in a court of law.  Once again, according to Obama.

Back to my “rock and hard place’ thought.  I believe that once it was confirmed in concrete that Osama Bin Laden was in that home  Obama knew he had to take action because if he did not, he knew that information would get out sooner or later and then he would be known as the president that let Bin Laden slip away.  With the election of 2012 coming up that information could prove devastating to his re-election .

There are other things that make me skeptical as well.  The administration appears to be having a very hard time getting their stories straight on how this whole event went down.  We have heard from the president that there was a fire fight.  We have heard from others that there wasn’t.  We have heard the terrorists had guns.  We have heard they haven’t.  We have heard that the President made the gutsy call and we have heard that Leon Panetta set things in motion.  Panetta says waterboarding provided valuable information others say no it didn’t.  The adminstration claimed that Pakistans Intelligence Service was involved in the raid.  Some question that too.  However it is possible that the Pakistan Government was aware of what was going to happen but has denied any knowledge to prevent a backlash within their country.  Hopefully time will present a much clearer picture of this event.

Being to the right of center, especially on fiscal issues and defense policy, I just don’t have alot of confidence in President Obama.  We are polar opposites.  The decision to go after Bin Laden, once again, in my opinion, was more a political calculation than a matter of conviction.  Whatever, I am so glad it was successful.  Kudos to all involved.  You’re “The Best!”  You make America Proud!

So what do you think, do we release the picture or not?  Just Asking.


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