Seniors Support Ryan Budget

Despite what you may be hearing in the media, Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan is actually supported by a majority of seniors.  A recent Gallup poll reveals what the media is not telling you.  Don’t believe it?  Look at the article and graphic on the Gallup site:

From the age of 30 up, the plan is firmly supported by those polled.  It is the younger demographic, those from 18 to 29 years of age that do not support the plan.  These are the Obama folks.  Little do they know that if something serious isn’t done to get our budget under control, they are the ones who will be paying and paying and paying………  It is their and their childrens standard of living that will be hit the hardest.

I see that Politico has been running little articles about Paul Ryan’s townhall meetings this week.  They seem to emphasize the fact that he has hecklers.  First, let me say that it is those that are dissatisfied that generally show up in force at these sorts of things.  So of course there will be some booing and catcalls.  In one of the Politico articles they quote some union secretary from the Milwaukee AFL-CIO office as saying that they have put together a travelling band of discontented seniors to follow Congressman Ryan from town to town.  Are these malcontents compensated?  Just Asking.  If so, are they paying taxes on this income?  Or is it money under the table?

This union secretary, Sheila Cochran, I believe her name was, said that Ryan’s Plan “…could literally kill people.”  I found this interesting.  Doesn’t union money support many democrat candidates nationally that support terminating the truly innocent?  The unborn.  At the moment “Shame” is the preferred word of these union types.  Sheila…Shame! Shame! Shame!  Is this something you condone?  Just Asking.


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