Matt Taibbi on Congressman Paul Ryan

Rolling Stone Blogger/Columnist Matt Taibbi has just illustrated for me what a “phallically challenged” individual he is.  I read his column about Congressman Paul Ryan’s  (R-Wi.) budget proposal.  I would estimate that nearly two-thirds of the article was basically name calling.  This is probably because Matt is a non-thinker and this is his way to lash out at those he disagrees with.  Sort of like the Bully on the playground.

Yes, Paul Ryan’s budget proposal includes tax cuts.  Why because it has been proven that lowering the tax rate generates more dollars for the treasury.  President Kennedy did back in the early sixties.  George W. Bush did it and revenues increased.  Even that vile old Ronald Reagan did it and it increased revenues.  The idea is to spur investment in our economy, whether it is increased consumer spending which would increase demand for goods and services or savings which makes more money available for investment in business developement.  Increased savings would result in lower interest rates for borrowers.  By spurring job creation you increase the number of taxpayers.  More taxpayers equals less taxes….that is provided the government doesn’t continually over spend.  Which is always what they do.  It’s so easy for politicians to spend other peoples money.  Which reminds me of the Margaret Thatcher quote…”The problem with Socialism is, that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.”

By increasing taxes basically what you are doing is forcing the “rich” and big corporations to look for ways to hide or shelter their money.  The U.S. already has the highest or very close to, the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  Google, who we all know and love and who loves Obama, managed to avoid taxes to the tune of $3 billion dollars over two years by keeping that money out of the country.  Apparently they don’t love Obama $3 billion dollars worth.  Another Obama pal, Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, managed to get a boat load of stimulus money for GE then proceeded to make $5.1 billion dollars with its U.S. operations and not pay any tax….ZERO!  I only mention them because they are good examples and to illustrate that this kind of stuff isn’t limited to just Republicans.  Also, as I asked in a previous post, if we are trillions of dollars in debt, why the hell would we borrow $2 billion dollars to loan to Brazil?  Ask “O.”  He borrowed the money and he made the loan.

Matt ridicules Congressman Ryan for trying to get a handle on Medicare and Medicaid costs by giving block grants to the states.  I would think that the closer these programs are to the consumer, the better and more efficient they would be.  I believe that allowing Medicare recipients access to private insurance providers would be a good thing.  Private providers would compete for these Medicare dollars.  Competition would equal lower costs or at a minimum slow the rise in costs.   More doctors may even begin to participate in the program again.  Everyday doctors are refusing Medicare patients because of all the rules and regulations and limits on what Medicare will pay for various services.

In his article, Matt sarcastically mentions that consolidating job training programs is in part how Ryan will pay for tax cuts for the rich.  I fail to understand how consolidating job training programs is a bad thing.  Aren’t there something like eleven different job training programs, each getting their allotments from the Federal Government?  Why not put them under one roof?  Adminstration costs would drop considerably.  We would eliminate duplication of services.  What’s the problem?

Matt, you’re wrong.  Congressman Ryan is courageous and does have balls, although I wouldn’t expect you to understand anything about the latter.  The point is, that at least he has proposed doing some things that you and I agree will not be popular.  Will he get all that he has proposed?  I don’t believe he will.  Does that mean he shouldn’t try?

In closing,  I guess it’s safe to say that everyone wants something done about the deficit but… just leave my little piece of the action alone. If you are pissed off about a cuts now, just think about how pissed off you’re going to be when everything comes screeeeeching to a halt!  What will it be?  A band aid now or  major surgery later?  Just Asking


2 Responses to “Matt Taibbi on Congressman Paul Ryan”

  1. james w. johnson {JIMGYMGEM} Reply April 24, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    paul ryan is no friend to or for ex military people who volunteered to serve and were promised health care even if no service connected disability happened. he is a career politician who has never had a job, never in the service. just feeding at the trough. ryan for pres? hell no!!! he just votes the way he thinks the wind will blow. hell no!!!
    james w johnson

  2. Been there, done that Reply June 25, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    It’s good to see Tasteful Taibbi desensitizing us all to leftist mudslinging again. It’s getting to the point where Americans go, “So, um, what else is new?” whenever another member of Coulter’s well-named “Demonic” mob goes on a tear. It’s a new mark of pride for up-and-coming conservatives to have scared the shit out of a whimpering lefty who then flails his grimy little fists around trying to make contact with something or somebody in order to keep those college-kid-voters in line (those who work for a living know better and are out buying guns and food in case obama blows it totally before they can get him out and clean up his mess).

    Whether it’s destroying public or private property (Madison, Seattle), watching subscription rates dwindle to 0 in order to appear hip (Rolling Stone, MSNBC, NYT), or just generally making a fool of themselves get(Letterman, Stewart, Maher), the 60’s love-and-peace remnants are on display in 2011, bongs in grubby fingers and I-phones in pockets, doing their damndest to keep those nasty, ol’bitter clingers in their places. Racists! Power to the People! Stop the war! (Oh, wait..) Bachman’s a whore!”

    Sorry to say, guys, but when you hitched your wagon to barry’s star, you set the political pendulum of history swining, making sure that the adults would be forced to take charge and start cleaning up the Katrina-style havoc he and his minions has gleefully wreaked. But by yukking it up at “the ‘baggers,” instead of figuring out what’s made them successful, you inadverdently created a fledgling third party that is out rabble-rousing the choreographed move-on-ers in genuine grassroots activism while turning out an assembly line of young, deficit-hawk-style politicians who are going to be in your face (and in office) as far as the eye can see.

    The aren’t-we-cute carrying on of potty-mouthed writers and comedians, corrupt union boss jokers and wall street thieves, has been the catalyst for just for the Tea Party, but for Palin, Bachmann, West, Christie, Perry, Walker, Ryan, Cain, Jindahl, Rubio, and Hailey. You’ve paid so much attention to snark and slander and so little to finding candidates who can actually govern rather than just bully the people and make Slurpee jokes that it’s going to be a generation until your party is seen as trustworthy enough to stop clowning around and actually be capable of governing at the state or local level again.

    But, damn, it feels good, doesn’t it? Kinda like when you’ve had a few shots too many and KNOW you shouldn’t be opening your mouth and that you’ll regret it tomorrow, but you’re just so in the moment and so sure you’re right in your befuddled state that you poke your buddy in the ribs, open up wide and scream, “Repigs are losers! ” all the way to election day….When, sadly, you’re going to wake up another year closer to wisdom and further away from your youthful abandon,red-faced and ashamed that you fell for the corporate-backed, green-energy-pushing whores like Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Reid, and yeah, the Obama’s, both Barak and Michelle….with one HELL of a nasty hangover to nurse while you’re watching the 2013 inauguration of a conservative candidate born of necessity, tempered by fire,and landslided in by those who were doing the real work of politics while you were dancing in the mud of your socialist dreams, playing Fiedel and Che creating a worker’s paradise that unfortunately, no Americans, and actually, not even the Russians and the Chinese, want anymore.

    Party on, Dudes!

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