Apple Google Watching/Tracking YOU

I don’t know that it bothers me too much that these companies are tracking our movements each and every day as it concerns me that Big Brother could either Hi-jack or Demand that information from Apple and Google.  Once it is collected and stored it would be too easy for the government to obtain that information.  Google would concern me the most.  Remember these guys are buds with the Obama folks.  Close Buds.  They were contacting their man in the White House regularly until it was noticed by the media.  Here is a link from a 2009 article                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            For more information, here is another link to a great article from the Wall Street Journal on line:

Should we be concerned?  If we have nothing to hide, probably not. Now that you know, are you going to be looking over your shoulder?

Just Asking.


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