Will Obama’s poll numbers “necessarily” plummet as the price of gas continues to soar?  I’m Just Asking, but it seems to me as people begin to feel the pinch of higher gas prices on their wallets I think it is very possible for Obama’s numbers to fall.  His comments concerning rising prices have been rather casual at best.  His loaning of money ($2 billion) to Brazil for developing their oil industry and the curbing of our oil exploration and drilling will not enhance his poll numbers either.

Obama continues to say that Paul Ryan’s budget cuts Medicare and Medicaid.  There are changes, but not for current recipients and those near to qualifying for those programs.  It isn’t until 2021 that the changes are made.  I understand no one wants their “junk” touched but if we don’t get a handle on these very large and growing programs, there won’t be any “junk” to touch.

In Wisconsin Joanne Kloppenburg has said she wants a recount in the Supreme Court election.  Nearly everyone agrees that she will not be able to make up more 7300 votes.  The count itself, will cost taxpayers more than a million dollars.  A million dollars that we don’t have.

Could someone please tell Ms. Kloppenburg to stop wearing that goofy red scarf or whatever you call it around her neck.  It seems that, in virtually every photo I have seen of this woman, she is wearing that thing!  It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating a gal that is always wearing the same outfit.

I sure would like to see Paul Ryan throw his hat into the ring of Republican presidential hopefuls.  This guy is very smart, well spoken and sincere in his beliefs.  Perhaps most of all….Makes Sense…especially when it comes to matters of the budget.

This past weekend (Saturday, April 16th) there was a Tea Party rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.  At this rally one of the early speakers was a 14 year old girl, Tricia Willoughby.  Tricia has a good command of the english language. She is intelligent and considerate.  During her speech she was being heckled by union activists in the crowd.  Someone has posted video of one of her hecklers on Youtube.  Believe me when I say this person has done no favors for the activist crowd.  He was swearing at her, telling her to shut up and giving her the finger.  Nice.  Don’t believe me?  You make the call.  I have posted a link below.  Let’s hope that this individual is not a teacher.  For the record I don’t think he was.


Here is a link to Sykes Writes, where you will find an entry titled, “A Contrast In Styles.”  Included here is a letter that Tricia wrote to a local Wisconsin blogger about the heckling of her and others at the rally.  This young lady illustrates “real class.” Something her heckler sorely lacks.



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