Obama Says…

According to Obama, “We can’t spend more than we take in.”  Soooo,  if we can’t spend more than we take in, how can we be trillions of dollars in the hole?  Why did Obama recently give Brazil 2 Billion dollars to drill for oil?  We’re borrowing to stay afloat aren’t we?  It doesn’t make sense to me why we would borrow 2 Billion dollars to give to someone else.

Today I read that the government controlled Export Import bank is loaning Colombia 2.84 Billion dollars for their oil industry.  Export Import says that will create and/or preserve 15,000 jobs for Americans for four years.  If Obama would allow our country to explore and drill for more oil and perhaps even build a new refinery or two, that 2.84 Billion dollars would have been better spent right here.  It would have created or maintained the 15,000 jobs the Export Import Bank says they are creating by lending to a foreign country and I would estimate that it would have created an additional 500 to 1000  or more permanent jobs.  Jobs operating the drilling platforms and refineries.

Does the president really know what he is doing?

Just Asking.


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