President Obama or President Whatever?

Michael Barone has written an interesting column about the president and his management style.  Barone doesn’t believe that the president is into “Details.”  I think I tend to agree. The president basically allowed Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to write Obama Care.  He pretty much left them alone with the current budget until the very end.  I think Obama failed to tell Nancy and Harry that they needed to do a budget before the election.  You would have thought Nancy and Harry would have jumped at the chance to complete a budget before the election since Democrats controlled the House, Senate and Executive Branch of government.  As with Obama Care, they could have rammed anything through.  Why wouldn’t they pass a budget?  HMMM.  Then after Republicans gained control of the House and wrote a budget bill, he showed up and said Whoa that isn’t acceptable.  As you probably know he showed up for the coming years fiscal budget after Paul Ryan R-Wi. submitted his.  This may have been a strategic move on Obama’s part.  However, when he announced his budget last week, with Paul Ryan in attendance, he was long on talk but not on details.  That is pretty much how Obama works.  Lots of talk.  Not much detail.  Details are better hidden.  In any event, read Michael Barone’s article.  Michael is considered by most media people (at least on the right) of being the Dean of Columnists.

Have a nice day!  I have to go to work now.  You know, produce, pay taxes, pay fees, then pay more taxes……..  Obama is giving waivers to his Obama care out the Whaazoo (over a 1000 and counting), do you think he might consider giving me a waiver on taxes?  Just asking.


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