Obama budget…More tax and spend

I truly hate to believe that President Obama wants to bankrupt this country but how could anyone think any different.  Today he had a chance to show America he is serious about debt reduction but as you no doubt know by now, that didn’t happen.  Instead we get a 39% tax bracket, an expansion of medicaid and medicare and a bunch of whooey!  The president is a walking talking example of the Peter Principle.  Medicare as proposed comes with a 12 person board…..”mini czars” if you will….to make who gets what decisions as well as spending cuts to the program to keep it solvent as long as possible.  The board comes in handy.  It insulates the president and tax and spend democrats from criticism.

Congressman Paul Ryan R- Wi. was invited to the budget speech by Obama.  What he heard was not close to what he was expecting.  Ryan said he thought there might be some hint of areas where they could work together.  Some of Ryan’s comments can be found at the following link.    http://marklevinshow.com/Article.asp?id=2160890&spid=32364 This link includes Ryan’s comment in which he says about Obama:    “He’s basically a pyromaniac in a field of straw men.” What a Great Line!

I would love to see Ryan debate Obama on the budget.  Obama would not stand a chance…No.  Not even close.


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